Repairing main home appliances such as refrigerators, dryers, washers, and dishwashers can be expensive. This equipment is also more expensive to replace. 

Maintaining your appliances will make them last longer. This also reduces the rate at which you need to repair them.  

Running a few maintenance routines on your appliances doesn’t necessarily require you to have a mechanical expertise. All you need is some common sense and the ability to follow simple instructions. This guide offers key maintenance tips for your appliances. Keep reading. 

Useful Maintenance Tips for Your Appliances

There are important things you ought to do at home to keep your appliances in good shape. Here are a few of them.

Clean your microwave

It’s easy to overwork your microwave once in a while. A good way to keep it in good shape is to clean it regularly. 

A steam cleaning is essential. Simply place lemon slices and water in the safe bowl of your microwave. Now allow it to heat up in the microwave. The wipe easily goes down with the water vapor.

Get the filter of your AC cleaned

In order to promote adequate airflow, cleaning the filters of air conditioners is very important. Clean them at least once or twice a month. 

Do you have filters that can be reused? Then vacuum them in order to keep dirt away. For ones that are disposable, you need to take them out for new replacements.

The coils inside your refrigerator should be cleaned

Residue, pet hair, and dirt can obstruct a refrigerator’s coils. This limits the flow of air. It becomes more difficult for the refrigerator to keep cool.

This also helps suck up the loose particles within. Depending on the model, these coils’ locations vary. However, the majority of them can be found behind the kick plate. Some are also located at the rear of refrigerators.

Ensure that that oven door is tight 

A bad seal on your oven may make it lose over twenty percent of its intensity. The outcome? Your food takes more time to cook or doesn’t cook properly.

Find the fiberglass gasket around the edge of the door. Pay attention to areas that are messed up or torn. Close the door and observe any leakage. Replace the seal when you discover the damage. 

Clean up your waste disposal

Cleaning up and adding deodorant around your garbage disposal is important. Switch the disposal off. They check the drain for stuck and large items. Instead of using your hands, use tools such as garbage tongs to eliminate any blockage. A combination of salt and ice cubes can be poured down the drain. Next, cold water should be run over it for ten seconds. Then switch on the unit.

 Odors can be eliminated by placing a bunch of citrus peels. Place them in the garbage disposal. Then run cold water before turning it on.

Your dryer exhaust should be cleaned

Buildup in the dryer exhaust will decrease the efficiency of an appliance. It is also a fire hazard. So how do you clean it? The clamp needs to be loosened. Then pull off the exhaust. Make sure every big bunch of buildup is vacuumed and removed from the tubing. If your hands can’t reach this area, you can scrape it gently with a coat hanger that’s straight. 


With proper maintenance, you will save yourself from the cost of regular repair of your home appliances. When your refrigerator or microwave is well maintained, you won’t need to replace them so soon. The tips above are effective but you can get more answers from the appliances open box in Montreal.

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