If you’re about to switch to a solar power system, you are not alone. A record number of Americans are now using solar power, and that number is predicted to grow exponentially in the coming years.

Solar power can save you money, give you more energy autonomy, and reduce your carbon footprint.

Before you can make the switch, a solar energy technician will pay you a visit to install your panels and get you started. Here is what you can expect from your solar power installation professional.

Know Your Reasons

Before you kick off your solar project, it is essential that you know exactly why you want or need a solar panel system. There are many benefits to going solar, some of which will apply more directly to you.

For example, you could be eligible for a solar power tax break.

You might find that going solar can free you from the whims of greedy utility companies, allowing you to be more self-sufficient. Once you are clear on your motivations, you can feel free to ask your technician any relevant questions.

A Solar Energy Technician Site Assessment

Once your technician is on-site, the first thing they will do is conduct a thorough assessment. They will start by going up to your roof and checking if it is strong enough to support a solar panel system.

They will also conduct mapping to determine the best spot on your roof to place the solar panels.

Implementing the Wiring

Once your solar energy technician is confident that your home is suitable for solar power, they will begin the electrical wiring. This involves connecting the wiring in your home to the roof, where it can then be attached to the solar panels.

Do not attempt to complete the wiring yourself.

If you do it wrong, you will likely be rejected when you apply for a solar power permit.

Installing the Racks

Now, the time has come to put in the infrastructure that will support your solar panels. This means installing the racks in the correct places on your roof and ensuring that they will remain attached, no matter the weather.

Putting In the Panels

Now it’s time to put in the panels. This is a very delicate process that requires total concentration. The technician will mount the panels onto the racks and screw them all into place.

They will make sure that the panels all fit together without any overlap.

Make Your Home Your Castle in 2022

With the right solar energy technician, you can turn your house into a self-sufficient home throughout the year.

Now that you know exactly what you expect, you can give your preferred solar energy company a call to arrange a quick and easy installation.

For more tips on how to truly make your home your castle in 2022, we have got you covered. Make sure to consult our expert Home Living section for hacks and insights you can trust.

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