As high school comes to an end, you have numerous opportunities to explore before starting college. It can be both exciting and overwhelming at the same time. Most high school graduates wonder what the best thing to pursue is that will not be a waste of their time and money.

Some students choose to take a gap year after high school. A gap year can be a transformative experience where young adults can explore their passion, gain valuable life skills, and discover their purpose before getting to the next chapter of their lives.

A Christian faith based gap year can provide young Christians who just graduated a unique opportunity to serve God and grow spiritually while also learning valuable skills. So, if you are considering taking a Christian faith based gap year, what exactly can you expect from such an experience? Read on to discover.

What is a Christian Faith based gap year?

A Christian gap year is a 9–12 months program where young Christian high school graduates increase their biblical knowledge and grow their skills through adventure, classes, and experiential learning.

What To Expect In A Christian Gap Year

During your Christian faith based gap year, you can expect to:

Discover Who You Are Becoming

A Christian gap year can help you dedicate time to discover who you are becoming and better understand God’s will for your life. Through prayer and mentorship, you can understand your character and purpose before you embark on a career path.

Clarify Your Calling

You can expect a Christian faith based gap year to help you discern and clarify your calling. Whether it is ministry, social justice, or other fields, you can gain insights into how you can live your faith while making a meaningful impact in the world.

Travel The World

You can also expect to explore the world, mission and serve other communities, learn about different cultures, and even learn a new language. This experience can expand your understanding of how others live and shift your perception of what you consider normal. This can help you become more loving and generous, which is the Christian way.

Meet Other Christians

Surrounding yourself with like-minded people who share your values and faith can make all the difference in your life. A Christian gap year can help you learn crucial interpersonal skills and make new friends that lead to life-long friendships.

Practice What You Learn

You can expect to have hands-on-experiences in addition to gaining theoretical biblical knowledge. Whether serving the marginalized, engaging in community projects, or participating in mission trips, you can apply what you learn and have the opportunity to reflect on your relationship with God and how what you want to do in life aligns with your faith.

Earn College Credits

You can also earn college credits in some Christian faith based gap year programs. This allows you to continue your academic journey while taking a break from the traditional classroom setting.

The Christian Faith Based Gap Year Experience

A Christian gap year is more than just a gap year. It is a program where you can expect to discern who you are becoming, get clarity on your calling, travel the world, build lasting friendships, and serve others while earning college credit. So, if you are considering taking a gap year, a Christian gap year could be a life-changing opportunity worth pursuing.

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