Chances are, you take pride in your home’s front yard. If you are like most Americans, your home’s front yard is your hobby, and you love to create a beautiful and lush lawn. You work hard to ensure that your grass is green and healthy all year long.

The bad news is that there is more to getting the results you want than putting seed in the soil. There are several steps you need to take to have a lush lawn.

So what is the secret to proper lawn care? Read on to find out!

Select the Right Grass Type

Selecting the right grass type is essential for achieving a lush lawn. Start by considering the climate in your local area and the available sunlight. Some grass types do better in certain environments than others.

Make sure that the soil’s texture and pH level are suitable for the type of grass you have chosen. A soil test should help determine if there are any issues.

You also need to consider how much maintenance you can provide. Some types of grass require more work than others. 

Water Properly

Watering too little or too much can be detrimental to your lawn grass. Knowing the correct amount of water and when to water can make all the difference in having beautiful and healthy grass.

For established lawns, watering deeply every one to two weeks is recommended. For newly established lawns or lawns that are recovering from drought, water every four to five days for the first few weeks. This will help encourage and maintain a healthy root system. 

Unlock Fertilizing Strategies

Fertilizers provide an additional source of nutrients to your soil. They help your lawn retain existing nutrients and provide essential macro- and micronutrients to your grass.

Applying the fertilizer at the right time of year is also important. For example, warm-season grasses benefit from fertilization towards the end of spring. Cool-season grasses should be fertilized in the late summer or fall. 

Mow and Trim

Regular mowing of your lawn helps to even out the grass length and keeps it looking full. Straying away from the typical stripes left in traditional mowing, try using a zig-zag mowing pattern for a beautiful and unique look.

Adding edging and trimming along sidewalks and driveways after mowing can create clean lines and shapes in your lawn. Begin trimming around trees and flowerbeds using a grass trimmer or shears and blow away any clippings afterward. 

Fight Off Invaders

The secret to a lush lawn lies in preventing it from becoming overrun with undesirable invaders. This means taking measures to keep weeds, pests, and fungus at bay.

So you need to spot-treat any weeds or pests as soon as you identify them with a natural product. You can use an organic herbicide or insecticidal soap. Or you can also consult the lawn care of Saint Johns to have better pest control.

Have a Lush Lawn Starting Today

Maintaining a lush lawn takes a bit of effort, but it’s worth it in the end! Make sure to water your grass regularly, mow at the correct height, add fertilizers, and rid your lawn of weeds and pests.

With the proper care and attention, you’ll have the lush lawn of your dreams in no time. What are you waiting for? Get started today!

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