California, known for its diverse landscapes and stunning scenery, is an idyllic retreat destination for both nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts. Mountain cabins provide the ideal place for peaceful city escapes – one such gem being Edgar’s Hideaway, located within Big Bear California’s serene beauty. In this blog, we’ll dive into its allure as we discover why Edgar’s Hideaway should be your mountain retreat of choice! Continue reading the article below to learn more about this perfect vacation spot.

The Allure of Big Bear, California

Before delving deeper into Edgar’s Hideaway, let us appreciate the allure of Big Bear, California. Situated amid the San Bernardino Mountains, Big Bear is a charming mountain town offering year-round outdoor activities, including skiing in winter months, hiking through summer trails, or appreciating vibrant fall foliage – something Big Bear provides year after year! Its tranquil environment and breathtaking vistas make it a sought-after retreat among nature for city dwellers seeking respite.

Unveiling Edgar’s Hideaway

Edgars Hideaway offers you an unforgettable mountain cabin experience. Not just another cabin rental; Edgar’s Hideaway invites guests to unplug from everyday life and make unforgettable memories. Tucked away from busy city life, this hidden gem provides various cabin options suitable for couples, families, and solo travelers – providing the ideal retreat.

Scenic Surroundings

Nature enthusiasts will marvel at Edgar’s Hideaway’s picturesque surroundings. Cabins are strategically positioned so as to allow easy access to nearby trails, where thrilling hikes await, and hidden gems can be discovered. After sunset, relax on your cabin’s porch as the starry night sky delights your senses.

Modern Amenities

Edgar’s Hideaway is located deep within nature but doesn’t scrimp on modern amenities. Enjoy rustic cabin charm without giving up comforts of home; each cabin comes equipped with fully equipped kitchens, cozy fireplaces, Wi-Fi connectivity, and entertainment options for an enjoyable and comfortable stay.

Activities for All Seasons

No matter the time of year, Edgar’s Hideaway has an activity perfect for every season! In wintertime, hit the slopes for thrilling skiing and snowboarding; as soon as spring arrives, hiking, mountain biking, or fishing in nearby lakes become available activities. Plus, there’s always charming Big Bear town itself, filled with shops, restaurants, and local attractions!

Pet-Friendly Accommodations

Edgar’s Hideaway understands how difficult it can be for pet owners to leave behind their four-legged companions. We offer pet-friendly cabins so you can create lasting memories with them while taking in all that Big Bear has to offer.


For an unforgettable mountain cabin retreat experience in California, look no further than Edgar’s Hideaway in Big Bear. This hidden gem boasts the ideal mix of rustic charm and modern amenities against California’s stunning natural landscapes – making Edgar’s Hideaway an idyllic escape that will leave you rejuvenated and longing to return again and again! So pack up and prepare for an experience you won’t soon forget – Edgar’s Hideaway promises adventure and relaxation! Don’t hesitate; pack away an unforgettable mountain cabin experience awaits at Edgar’s Hideaway! Thanks for reading.

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