You don’t think twice about washing and detailing your car or truck, so why should your boat be any different? Detailing your boat can bring a whole host of benefits aside from a gleaming surface, and we’re going to run you through some of them.

#1: Increase your boat’s resale value. Let’s face it, it will be harder to sell a dirty and damaged boat for as much money as you could get for one that has undergone regular detailing. This will help keep your boat clean and tidy in appearance, as well as retain a newer feel. A clean boat is also a good indicator that the boat’s owner has taken good care of the vessel. Before a boat goes to market, the exteriors should be extensively cleaned and waxed. Detailing the interior of your boat is also a great way to showcase the cabin and its features. Any interior carpets should be shampooed and old, unsightly accessories should be replaced.

#2: Removes unsightly algae and other fungi. Boats naturally begin to grow fungi on the sides and bottom if they haven’t been cleaned for a while. These substances not only make your boat look disheveled, but they also become difficult to remove if left to grow for a long time. You will also be able to say goodbye to rust and any other stains on your boat’s exterior! This process should generally be done with the boat out of the water and raised so that the entire hull is exposed and you’re able to thoroughly scrub every part of your boat.

#3: Boosts your boat’s performance. That’s right! Your boat might be even more pleasant to sail on if it is detailed often. The regular removal of dirt can help keep your boat sailing smoothly by reducing the drag caused by uneven surfaces. Your boat’s engine will thank you! Regular detailing is proven to put less stress on a boat’s engine and can help to prevent unwanted clogging of important areas around the vessel. In most cases, a cleaner boat means it uses less fuel to move, since it doesn’t have to pull tons of dirt and fungi along while accelerating.

#4: Prolongs the life of your boat. The removal of dirt and algae will go a long way to reducing and slowing down the process of corrosion. Over time, water will corrode your boat’s surface, but this will take many more years to occur if the surfaces are kept clean.

#5: Makes for a more attractive boat. Detailing doesn’t only include the exterior surfaces of your boat. A thorough detailing should include the removal of dirt and dust from the interior, making your boat a nicer place to spend time.

#6: Keeps your boat’s colors shining. A professional detailing should include a layer of boat polish to protect against the sun’s UV rays. This ensures the paint on your boat stays brighter for longer.

Written by Jack Vale in partnership with Marv Golden Pilot Supplies.

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