A healthy and well-cared-for lawn is a marvel to look at. On top of offering a wonderful place to relax and play, it also raises your home’s curb appeal and value. You’re also nourishing the environment by taking good care of your lawn.

A well-manicured and healthy lawn requires more than just maintenance. Taking a course on lawn care warms you with the skills needed to care for your lawn efficiently. You need to know how to nurture the soil, and grass, prevent diseases and use the best equipment.

Here’s why every homeowner should take a lawn care course.

Learn The Cycles and Routines of Lawn Care

Specific lawn care treatments should be conducted at particular times of the year i.e weed control. This is because weeds will sprout at given periods within a year. A lawn care course should give you an understanding of these different periods and which actions to take before and during them.

Lawns also require specific care and preventative measures during different seasons. Learn about lawn cycles and how to tend to your yard each season. Cycle routine lawn care will ensure it is always in top condition and the healthiest form throughout the year.

Teaches You How To Properly Treat Your Lawn

While lawn care is primarily about preventing diseases, it’s common for a lawn to require treatment. A lawn care course will prepare you to assess your lawn’s condition and determine the proper treatment. You will be in a position to restore your lawn’s health.

Learn weed control, aeration, and top dressing. Some courses even offer membership discounts on lawn products for their students and members.

You’ll Learn The Right Lawn Care Equipment

Unknown to many, even primary lawn care will require specific equipment for the best results. New homeowners are unlikely to have the equipment at hand. A course will inform you of all the specialized tools you need for the various treatments.

You will also learn to care for this equipment to increase its lifetime. Sometimes, achieving that ‘golf course’ lawn is all about having the right equipment and skill.

Learn The Best Soil, Watering, And Mowing Techniques

No matter how great your mowing technique is, healthy grass is the secret to an aesthetic lawn. Healthy soil is essential to achieving healthy grass. Your soil’s health is determined by what’s fed to it. A lawn care course will teach you how to test your soil, manage the macro and micronutrients and what fertilizers to use.

Learn the most effective and efficient watering techniques and how to use soil moisture managers to boost moisture retention. Finally, learn the best mowing techniques and how it creates aesthetic lawn stripes.

Revamp Your Lawn Care Routine

Educating yourself on lawn care is necessary for any homeowner looking to raise their home’s curb appeal. Why own a lawn and not know how to keep it in the most pristine status? Take a course and let your home stand out with the best yard.

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