A new survey says many homeowners remodel their bathroom because they think it feels old and outdated. Looking at new showers and doors will motivate you to finish your bathroom renovations.

Survey participants said their biggest reason for updating their bathroom was because they wanted more space. Updating your bathroom will help improve your life and make you happier.

Keep reading to find out tips on custom shower design and remodeling your bathroom.

What Is There to Know About Custom Shower Design?

Building a shower is a big decision for some people, so talk about the idea with your family before you start. Custom showers are a good addition to your bathroom. They allow you to pick and choose what you don’t want to be included inside your shower.

Pros of Custom Showers

The benefits of building a custom shower inside your new bathroom are abundant. By building a custom shower, you can choose which type of shower you want, like a walk-in shower or a tub.

Custom shower design allows the homeowner to choose the size and shape of their new addition. So, there aren’t many restrictions when it comes to the size of your new shower.

If your new bathroom has distinctive measurements, there’s no need to worry. A professional will be able to help you build a custom show that fits.

Custom shower design makes your bathroom stand out. Your new shower makes a great showpiece for house tours. Tile flooring makes a great addition to new showers, too.

Building a custom shower also makes it easier to add accessories to the interior of the tub or walk-in. Accessories worth thinking about include grab bars, niches, and benches to sit on. Additions are a bonus if you have young children or seniors using your shower.

Shower Doors

When it comes to building a new shower, it’s important to consider which doors you want to install. Custom shower design allows you to add the doors you want to your brand-new shower.

You can use a classic curtain and rod for your shower, but not a lot of people like curtains. And they collect dirt and sometimes start growing mold if they’re dirty.

Adding glass doors to your walk-in shower or tub. Glass doors are flashy and catch people’s eye, they’ll also make your tile flooring stand out more.

But don’t buy any old set of glass doors for your shower. Make sure they’re custom made because they’ll fit better that way. Community Glass replaces shower doors that you don’t like or are broken.


When building a new walk-in shower, think about accessibility. As mentioned, if you live with seniors or young children, you don’t want them to trip and fall. Curbless showers or a walk-in shower with no threshold keep people from tripping.

If you have a bathtub, make sure there’s a bench available and a grab handle.

Things to Remember

A few things to remember about custom shower design is that it’s versatile and beneficial for you. A custom shower draws attention to your bathroom will make it seem luxurious.

It’s also important to consider accessibility and safety when building your custom shower. Installing a handle to grab or a bench to sit on a good idea.

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