Parks encourage active play, which is essential for kids. It can help with problem-solving skills, motor skills, and socialization.

Plan a scavenger hunt to get the whole group involved in a fun activity. This requires a bit of prep, but it’s worth it for the laughs! It’s also a great way to explore nature!

Take a Hike

A park’s hiking trails provide a scenic escape from busy city life. Many parks offer different difficulty levels and unique features to challenge different fitness abilities.

For a fun group activity, set up a park scavenger hunt. Before your trip, create a list that is adjusted for the age and skill level of your group. Hand out the lists and a bag to each member of your group.

Go Ice Skating

Ice skating in the park is one of the best activities to enjoy during winter. The open-air rinks like Central Park’s Wollman Rink and Lasker Rink offer an experience that is an actual New York City moment.

Located in Brooklyn’s Industry City, this open-air rink is situated under twinkling lights and next to an outdoor bar serving snacks and drinks. Guests can enjoy the views and skate to the timbre of upbeat music.

Visit the Zoo

Children benefit significantly from zoo visits as they learn about animal behavior and the environment. Visiting the zoo is one of the best ways to spend time with kids and have a memorable experience.

Zoo trips are enjoyable on more excellent (not cold) days when animals are more active and less crowded. This also means a better photo opportunity for your Instagram feed!

Have a Picnic

One of the things to do in Jack London Square is A picnic. It is the perfect way to reconnect with friends and family. Bring a basket filled with food to enjoy on a lush park lawn, such as the Prospect Park Long Meadow or Bryant Park.

The Bronx’s Van Cortlandt Park is a nature-filled sanctuary with secluded picnic spots. Alternatively, Central Park’s Belvedere Castle is an enchanted place to lay out a blanket and eat lunch.

Watch a Show

Many parks host fairs, carnivals, and special events to attract families. Depending on the park, you might find jump rope games where kids gather to help each other jump and sing nonsense songs.

You might even catch a free ‘Shakespeare in the Park’ performance at the Delacorte Theater. It’s a New York City summer tradition!

Play a Game

Outside energetic park play is suitable for children’s physical and mental health. It also provides an escape from the distractions of TV, video games, and social media apps.

Bring chalk and a numbering system to the park and enjoy one of the most traditional park activities: hopscotch. Draw a square pattern on the sidewalk and have everyone jump over each number in turn.

Watch a Movie

During the summer, cut your cable bill and catch a movie under the stars. Across the five boroughs, outdoor movie screenings are a regular occurrence in parks and public green spaces.

Brooklyn Bridge Park’s Movies With A View series starts on the Pier 1 Harbor View Lawn every Thursday beginning July 6. Arrive at 6 pm for preshow fun & activities before the movie starts at sunset.

Go for a Ride

Parks with lakes often offer the opportunity to row a boat. This light exercise is excellent for thighs, bottoms, and pecs, plus it counts towards 150 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity per week.

Getting the kids outdoors and away from distracting television shows and video games is suitable for their social skills, motor skills, and more. This simple park game requires no extra equipment.

Watch a Concert

Parks offer a variety of entertainment for visitors, no matter the season. Look for carnivals with games, races, and inflatable play objects at community parks and high-adventure activities like zip-lining and canopy tours at national or state parks.

Outdoor concerts are fun because they take place in pretty places where the stage and everything around it looks fantastic. They are also usually fascinating to watch because of the music and the people.

Take a Photo

Parks offer many photo opportunities, including flowers, trees, lakes, wildlife, statues, and people. Try to capture photos of things that stand out about a park. It’s better to have a few great photos than many mediocre ones.

Be aware of safety when photographing wildlife, and use a zoom lens to keep a safe distance. Pay attention to the lighting, too, as bright sunlight can flatten subjects.

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