Feeling like going on a short vacation to blow off some steam? Dubai is a great country to begin with. It is home to many iconic places, such as the Burj Khalifa the tallest building in the world at 2,720 feet, the Dubai Mall, and many other scenic sights. 

However, your brief holiday would be more fun if you stayed in a fitting vacation home. In this piece, you’ll discover tips for finding vacation rentals in Dubai. You’ll also learn the fun things to do when visiting the UAE.  

Dubai is one of the most visited countries in the world, largely because of its attractive cities and places. 

The Trend of Short-Term Rentals 

Short-term rentals have become quite popular in recent years, and one of the reasons why that is is because of the sharing economy. Platforms such as Airbnb and Vrbo made it quite easy for folks to rent out their homes and properties to vacationers and travelers. 

Another reason that led to the rise of short-term rentals is the authentic travel experience that hotels don’t provide. Short-term rentals offer that “homely feel” to travelers given the fact that it is situated in a neighborhood. 

On the other hand, hotels are impersonal and generic. Plus, they aren’t even situated in neighborhoods. This makes the vacation experience for travelers inauthentic. Rentals ensure you have direct contact with local folks and it also makes you have a less expensive vacation. 

See why it’s best to stay in rentals? You get to have an entire condo to yourself. You get a living room, kitchen, bathroom, and top-notch amenities all to yourself for the duration of your rent. 

Tips on Finding A Short-Term Vacation Rental in Dubai 

To find a fitting rental when on a vacation in Dubai, you must consider the following 5 things as they determine how easy or difficult the process will be. 

What’s Your Budget? 

The first thing to do is to determine your budget. Dubai is home to different types of vacation rentals and they differ in terms of price, luxury, and quality of environment. Thus, you need to decide how much you’re willing to spend to rent a vacation home. 

Once you’ve decided on a specific amount, you can begin searching for a rental that’s well within your budget. 

Choose An Ideal Location 

Dubai has dozens of neighborhoods and every locality has its unique charm. Thus, you need to pick a neighborhood that is quite convenient for you. Travelers visiting for business purposes book rentals closer to the places where their official business meetings will be held. 

However, if you’re coming to Dubai for leisure, it’s ideal you select a location that’s close to all the attractions that’ll make your vacation memorable and relaxing. Vacationers and tourists prefer staying places such as Downtown Dubai, the Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Marina, and many other attractive places. 

So if you’re looking to enjoy your vacation, you can stay in such places. 

Check The Amenities of the Rental 

Before booking a vacation home, check the amenities it features. Not all rentals have the same amenities. Some may have a gym, while some others may have a swimming pool. You need to know what amenities you want available before making payment. 

Many Dubai vacationers prefer having a furnished living room, a well-equipped kitchen, and even spaces for their pets. So, if you intend to vacation with your pet, you need to ensure the rental you book allows for pets. 

Some rentals forbid it while many others permit it. 

Read Reviews 

This is also an important step you don’t want to miss. Ensure you read reviews of previous guests of the short-term rental. This will give you lots of info about what to expect when staying there. If there are many terrible reviews about a rental, it’s best you avoid it and go for rentals with positive reviews. 

This will ensure you don’t ruin your mood during your vacation. Rental hosts can be a pain to deal with and that’s why you should go through reviews. 

Book Well In Advance 

Dubai is one of the most popular tourist attractions and as such, short-term rentals get filled up pretty fast. So, you should book well in advance to secure a spot.  

Fun Things To Do When You Visit Dubai 

To make your short vacation fun, you could indulge in the following adventurous activities: 

Going Skydiving 

If you aren’t scared of heights, skydiving could be one of the crazy things you could do to make your short holiday fun. 

Going Jet Skiing 

There are reputable beaches in Dubai you can visit. There are some beaches at Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Marina, and many other places. You could join many other vacationers and tourists for some Jet skiing. 

Visiting the Burj Khalifa 

The Burj Khalifa is one of the iconic places in Dubai because it is the tallest building in the world. Most tourists and vacationers visit this place whenever they come to Dubai and you should too.

The view atop the building is quite a scenic one and you’d very much love the experience. 


Dubai is one of the most attractive and visited countries in the world. If you are looking to go on a short-term vacation, you should start with it. It is home to luxurious vacation homes, towering skyscrapers, welcoming neighborhoods, and multicultural people.   

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