Keeping your family safe is not easy. Many people will feel guilty for even thinking this, but we want to acknowledge it right out of the gate: It is a burden. No matter how much you love them, it weighs heavily on the mind if you feel like you cannot ever relax due to safety concerns.

We are here to share some of that burden. Because what we know is that study after study has shown that aimless anxiety is the worst thing for your family’s safety. The best thing for their safety? Deliberate strategies that you spend time thinking through carefully.

Today, we are going to go over the 10 best strategies to keep your family members safe.

Keeping Things Clean

People think of danger as something that they can see. But some of the most dangerous things are those which cannot be seen. One of those unseen dangers in bacteria. But as we mentioned before, your concern should be placed in a deliberate course of action.

Keep surfaces where people’s hands will touch clean. Make washing hands easy. Maintain things through daily cleaning, rather than going on “cleaning sprees” only when things get bad.

Do all of this, and it will seem as though the house cleans itself.

Organizing Furniture

This is another way of keeping things safe that might seem innocuous at first. But when you think of it in terms of extremes, it begins to make sense. You can probably picture a room where the furniture is an unnecessary labyrinth of angles and shin-height tables waiting to pounce.

And then, on the opposite end of the spectrum, you have the safest room possible: The room with no furniture at all. What you are looking for is something in between.

Locking up Tools

Whether your family is made up of kids, teenagers, or all grown adults, you will need to keep your tools in line. This is another case where extremes tell you the danger: If you leave power tools lying on a coffee table, they are a lot more likely to end up hurting someone.

Lock them up and no matter how careless or curious your family is, they will not be in danger.

Install an Alarm System

When people think of home safety, they think of alarm systems. The reason why is that it is the best way to scare off intruders. Most intruders are thieves, and most thieves are cowards. That means that as long as you have an audible alarm system, you can trust they will be scared off.

The best idea is to get an alarm system that you can program. This will allow you to make it more sensitive during the night and when you are at work, while it less sensitive when you’re home.

Security Cameras do a Lot

It is easy to think of security cameras as being a redundancy to an alarm system. The idea is that they are a method for catching bad guys. But they can actually do more than that. For instance, many people use them to monitor their children or pets while they themselves work.

This means that you are not only watching to keep them safe in the short term, but in the long run as well by keeping track of their habits while you are not around. This can give you a firm idea of what other safety measures you need to implement into your home.

Secure Guns and Alcohol

These are lumped together because they benefit from similar levels of security. Guns and alcohol are the two highest causes of death for humans under the age of 19. That means they should not just be left lying around for a child to get access to.

A safe is a good way of locking them down to make sure only certain people can get them.

Have a Panic Button

If someone gets injured, then it can be hard to dial a phone to call for help in the aftermath. Whether it is a child splitting their lip after a fall, or an older relative breaking their hip, it benefits you to have an easy way to call for help should something unexpected happen.

This can take many forms, from the classic Big Red Button to a landline phone with easy dialing.

Change up Your Landscaping

There are more dangers in your garden than you might think. Roses have their thorns, as you have probably heard, but the gardens themselves do as well. For instance, many gardens have low metal fences with spiked tops to dissuade birds from landing on top of them.

Smoother lawns and less pointy fences can do a lot to keep your garden safer. Also, be sure to lock up any chemicals that might be toxic. They are good for plants, but not as much for kids.

Keep Your Garage Locked

Garages are one of the easiest places for people to break into. This is because people rarely keep them locked. They also have their own dangers for kids. And if they are dirty and have tools all over the place (as many do) that danger is even worse.

Know Your Neighbors

It is uncommon that failing to know your neighbors becomes a problem. But since you can expect to live near your neighbors for a while, it pays to know whether or not they are a problem. And besides, if you are cool with them then you just made a friend.


Security strategies are about having the right tools for the job, as well as approaching those jobs in the right way. Sometimes that means adding things, like alarms, and other times that means taking things away, like those garden fences.

But other times it means approaching things from a new direction entirely. If you want to know more, then access the Smith Thompson home security in Houston here.

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