Florida Man September 17 brings us two more wild stories from the sunshine state.

September 17, widely known as the day of Virgo, is also worth mentioning because Florida Man did so many crazy things on this day. What did he do on September 17? See the full news below:

Florida Man September 17, 2020 – Arrested After Accidentally Shooting a Bear

Florida Man September 17,

Daytona Beach, Florida. – A Florida Man faced a second-degree misdemeanor for accidentally shooting a bear trying to eat his trash.

Our Florida man claimed the shot was meant to be a warning shot. However, the bear received a little more than just a warning.

The man here is Alejandro Castellano, who quickly called the authorities after the accident. After they arrived, he explained everything to them from the start.

At first, he was alerted by the notification coming from his alarm, saying that there was unusual activity in his yard. When he checked outside, a bear startled him while digging into his trash can.

Wanting to keep the bear away from home, he grabbed the caliber rifle and fired a warning shot. But, it accidentally struck the bear instead, leaving it paralyzed and unable to move, dragging itself into the woods.

The authorities then checked the woods with an FWC biologist to see the bear’s whereabouts. They found the bear with a broken back and unable to recover.

Veterinarians then euthanized the bear. The vets also found the bullet from the .22 caliber inside the bear’s lungs. Police also found a shell casing in Castellano’s yard.

He said we wanted to fire a warning shot because the bear was chasing his dog. To keep it away, he fired the shot.

He noted that the same occurrence had happened before, although this claim wasn’t entirely valid, according to the authorities. He never contacted the FWC regarding the previous events.

Police then charged Castellano with a Florida black bear conservation code violation.

Florida Man September 17, 2021 – Man Accused of Kidnapping Kids, Tried to Escape Through The Drain but Failed

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. – Police accused a Florida man of kidnapping two kids and running away in an attempt to flee through the storm drain.

On September 17, 2021, the victims were talking in front of the Badcock Furniture store, noticing the suspect, Kelijah Pompey, doing push-ups in the parking lot.

Pompey approached them and told them he wanted to play football together. He grabbed the two by their wrists and walked them into an apartment complex.

This startled one of the kids, and she started yelling.

Pompey then picked her up and dropped her to the ground after being confronted by two women passing by.

The witnesses tried to stop Pompey from taking the kids away. Panicked, he tried to flee from the scene.

Later, Police caught Pompey in an attempt to escape into a drain. According to the police report, he was under the influence of narcotics.

Final Thoughts

The stories above show mixed feelings about these two Florida men. The first guy seemed tangled in a rule he didn’t know. He also accidentally shot the bar, not intending to do it. The second guy, however, sure deserves what he got.

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