Florida Man March 7 comes with two stories of attempts of revenge and their best effort to do it. But sometimes, their best wasn’t enough.

See how hard they tried and did they succeed or failed to do it? Your daily dose of the most outrageous stories in Florida. 

Florida Man March 7, 2019 – Sex Offender Roast

Last March 7, police arrested a 50-year-old Florida Man. The man was trying to set some people on fire while they are alive.

Authorities have identified the suspect as Jorge Porto Sierra. Sierra tried to burn some people in a motel believing and calling them “child molesters”.

In  Porto Sierra’s statement, “I came here to set fire to all the child molesters and kill them.”

Authorities confirmed that 2 of the 4 men were sex offenders.

A witness reported to ABC 13 that Porto Sierra was shouting repeatedly to kill all the child molesters when he was going into the motel and to pour gasoline on the floor.

Florida man is now in jail for a non-bailable offense.

Florida Man March 7, 2020 – Shots Fired!

PALM BAY, Fla. –On March 7 an enraged Florida man fired shots at officers during an overnight traffic stop. Next followed a 12-hour massive search for the suspect. Joined by the Palm Bay police and 50 additional manpower from the surrounding agencies.

Together they tried to hunt down a man through the thick brush and canal lines for hours. 

News 6 partner Florida Today reported that the suspect fired several shots but no officers were hurt. The shooting took place near the entrance of the gated Parkside West subdivision on Snapdragon Drive and Malabar Road. 

After almost 12 hours of searching, an officer finally caught a man in the thick bush. The man attempted to run again from the officers. 

Police identified the man as Joseph Martin Martinez of Lake Worth. He was already in the custody of the police department for investigation and questioning.

In a press conference on the Sunday morning of the incident, before the capture of Martinez, Palm Bay Chief Officer Nelson Moya gave his statement.

An officer had pulled a car over due to a traffic violation. Shortly into the traffic stop the driver opened fire on the officers.

“Within two minutes, two minutes of that traffic stop, shots were exchanged’, Chief Moya said.

He added that officers were able to shoot back in defense of aggression. However, this was before the suspect was able to start running from them. 

This is why they responded in full force, “we are absolutely in a mode to seek, capture and arrest this individual and bring him to justice”. Moya added that they are also thankful that none of the officers were shot nor injured.

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