Florida Man September 1 teaches us how our favorite anti-hero likes to cool off.

So you may be asking just how does Florida man like to cool off? What could Florida Man have done? What kind of adventures can we expect this time?

It turns out it’s a “Hot” topic we’re going to talk about, both literally and figuratively. 

Keep reading to find out!

Florida Man September 1, 2021 – Pleasuring Himself With Ice Pack in Front of EMT Crew

PINELLAS COUNTY – Fla. – On September 1, a Florida Man has been arrested for pleasuring himself with an ice pack right in front of first responders.

What a story to begin with. Police arrested Florida Man Terry Majors (30) and charged him with a misdemeanor for showing his private parts (sexual organs). The jail released him only a day later.

According to the police report, the “event” happened because Majors had previously called 911 for his breathing problems.

An EMT crew quickly arrived at the scene, although the unexpected happened. Majors removed all his clothing and started masturbating right after their arrival with an ice pack.

Of course, the first responders wanted to prosecute. This led police to charge Majors for what he was doing.

However, this isn’t the first time Major has been in jail. He was previously charged for selling cracks and cocaine to an undercover cop. He also had experience with burglary. 

Florida Man September 1

Florida Man September 1st, 2018 – Naked Florida Man Turns Cookies Baking Into A House Fire.

NICEVILLE, Fla – After quickly responding to a house fire, firefighters and police officers found something unusual.

Firefighters got a call reporting a house fire, and they arrived at the location at 5.30 pm sharp on September 1.

They could see smoke coming from the inside. A man, a naked man to be precise, came outside, opened the door and said, “I’m sorry”, then closed the door right after.

Later on, the officers came and quickly engaged in assisting the firefighters. Once again, the man opened the door but left it open this time.

Based on the report from the local Police Department, the man’s reaction showed that he could not grasp how dire the situation was.

Even though the fire had already burned several things in the house, including the towels.

The police officer then quickly detained the man and kept him away from the house for his own safety.

It could have been worse because if he had stayed in the house longer, he could’ve died from the smoke, as stated by the firefighters.

Based on the report, two police officers had entered the house for five minutes, and they had breathing problems after that.

Firefighters came in with safety suits and oxygen masks to remove the burning items.

Not long after, the man, who was seen naked, admitted that he was drunk due to the consumption of two liters of vodka while also smoking marijuana at around 9 a.m.

He had no real injuries whatsoever and even declined to receive medical treatment.

According to the investigation, the accident happened because the man tried baking cookies on a grill that he had left unattended for so long.

Expectedly, the grill and cooking caught on fire, so he tried to put it out by using the towels. Of course, this item also caught on fire, causing it to spread even more around the house. 

Final Thoughts

Well, the day is sure a “Hot” day for Florida Man. From making a “scene” right in front of an officer to burning a house down by baking cookies while naked.

The stories indeed tell us how unpredictable Florida Man is

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