Did you know that bathroom remodels were the most popular home project in 2020? This fact isn’t surprising since renovating your bathroom is an instant way to make it feel more luxurious and cozy. 

Are you planning a farmhouse bathroom remodel? If so, you’ll need to know what elements to include to turn your dream bathroom into reality.

This post will help you choose the right features for your renovation project, so keep reading! 

Identify Your Style

There are different takes on farmhouse design, which is why you may not like all the ideas you see online. Pinpointing your specific style preferences can help you find the right inspiration and create a clear vision. 

Here are a couple of popular combinations. 

Modern Farmhouse

Modern farmhouses are usually bright with white or gray walls. Tile is patterned or colorful, which adds a lot of character. You’ll also notice modern farmhouses use some reclaimed wood. 

Rustic Farmhouse

Although modern farmhouse design includes some reclaimed wood, the rustic farmhouse takes it to the next level. You will see it on floors and as an accent. 

The rustic farmhouse style isn’t for you if you are a minimalist. But if you want a cozy feel, check out rustic home decor catalogs for bathroom ideas. 

Industrial Farmhouse

This farmhouse design is all about minimalism. It combines wood and metal elements, emphasizing black and white tile or concrete. Sometimes you’ll see brick mixed into this style too. 

Choose the Right Flooring

Now that you’ve settled on your farmhouse style, it’s time to pick out some of your bathroom features.  

For an industrial look, black, white, or grey tile looks best. However, you may even go for a concrete floor, which is extremely easy to clean. 

Rustic farmhouses almost always employ natural or reclaimed wood floors. And modern designs usually feature chic tiles with light-colored patterns. 

Install a Barn Door 

No matter which version of a farmhouse bathroom you decide on, a barn door looks lovely. 

For example, you can purchase a black industrial barn door made of metal. For modern styles, paint your barn door white or a colorful shade that stands out. In rustic bathrooms, go for a dark wood stain. 

Employ Vintage Elements

Vintage elements are a lot of fun and add character to a farmhouse home. So don’t forget to go thrifting when planning your bathroom remodel. You may find a lovely antique vanity that you can refinish or a clawfoot tub that serves as a statement piece. 

Use the Right Finishes

Your bathroom finishes can make a huge difference, so be sure to buy the right ones during your bathroom renovation. 

For a modern bathroom, you can use polished chrome. Black faucets and fixtures are eye-catching in industrial farmhouse bathrooms. Meanwhile, brass looks fabulous in a rustic farmhouse.

Then, incorporate a few bathroom decorations that go along with your style. 

Design the Farmhouse Bathroom of Your Dreams

Everyone’s preferences are different, but the tips in this post will take you in the right direction. You can achieve a Pinterest-worthy farmhouse bathroom style if you follow them closely! 

If you’d like more interior design tips, check out more home improvement posts on our blog! 

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