From the “Walk of the Gods” along the Amalfi coast to the breathtaking ridgeways of Catbells, there are plenty of scenic routes to enjoy in Europe.

Even the cities themselves can be walkable. So, it’s not a surprise that half of all tour operators in Europe cater to walking tourism.

But we’re not going to list all the great tours you can book for your upcoming trip today. Since you’re here, we assume you already picked a few routes and have most arrangements in place—but one vital thing is missing, isn’t it?

The perfect pair of shoes.

To help you get set for a long, exciting walk, we reviewed tons of footwear options and narrowed down the list to the best women’s walking shoes for travel in Europe. We also prepared a few tips to help you choose a comfortable pair for your trip.

Top 11 Shoes for Walking in Europe

We know preparing for a trip can be hectic, and we won’t waste any more of your time. Let’s jump in and check out some great shoes to consider for your packing list.

1. Skechers Go Walk Joy – Best Overall

With a 1.5-inch heel, a soft lining, and a 5Gen midsole cushioning, the Go Walk Joy might be the perfect walking shoe for your trip.

The lining helps protect your skin during particularly long walks and adds some extra durability around the toe box.

There’s a drawback to consider here. This tightly woven lining under the mesh might “block” some airflow. However, that’s not to say your feet will get toasty while walking Europe’s streets in the summer. You’ll still feel enough breeze to keep you going.

Just note that the material around the opening might be stiff initially, but it’s nothing a bit of breaking in won’t solve.


  • 100% vegan construction
  • Sleek design with soft lining material
  • Lightweight (around 6.8 oz for a US size 11) and easy to pack
  • Available in multiple width options (standard, wide, and narrow)


  • Can be a little slippery on wet roads
  • Plush midsole not ideal for flat feet
Pink Skechers sport shoes

2. Tiosebon Athletic Knit Walking Slip-on – Runner-up

The bulk of the upper material on these Tiosebons is a stretchy mesh that’s already breathable. But to make things even better, there’s a triangle with a slightly wider knit pattern, letting plenty of air in and out to the toe box.

You also get a dry sock liner to keep your feet cool, dry, and comfy as you walk for a full day of sightseeing.

These walking slip-on would also be a good choice if you want to keep your trip to Europe as eco-friendly as possible. They are made with recycled plastics and garments to chop down those CO2 emissions!


  • Soft shoe topline to reduce grinding on your skin as you walk
  • Extremely lightweight (under 5 oz)
  • Solyte midsole for extra bounce-back and durability
  • Available in standard and wide fits


  • Not super supportive

3. Dr. Scholl’s Madison – Best Fashionable Slip-on

Travel and Leisure found these low-profile Madison slip-ons suitable for travel, and we couldn’t agree more.

Why? Well, they’re easy to put on and off (a great plus for airport checkpoints), lined with microfiber that’s super soft on the skin, packs nicely, and is quite comfortable for all-day walking.

We also love how it goes well with a lot of different styles, from casual to dressy. You can even get a patterned pair if plain sneakers aren’t your cup of tea. For instance, there are flannel and gingham patterns that would bring out the best of a wool jacket.


  • Comfortable for all-day walking (think 10+ miles daily!)
  • Cute canvas patterns to match your vacation outfits
  • Soft lining for a blister-free walk, even without a lengthy break-in period


  • Needs no-show socks (technically, you could wear it without socks, but we wouldn’t recommend it for long walks)

4. Akk Memory Foam Walking/Tennis Shoe – Best Slip-on-Lace Hybrid

The Go Walk Joy, Dr. Scholl’s Madison, and the Tiosebon knits are all great slip-on options. But maybe you want a bit more fit control. Thankfully, the no-tongue lace on this Akk walking shoe offers just that without compromising on the sleek, hassle-free slip-on design.

Much like the Tiosebon, this shoe features a soft, padded collar that doesn’t need much break-in. It’s also quite flexible around the sole.

The catch? It might wear down quickly, but it’s fairly priced, so we can’t complain!


  • Laces offer a tighter fit
  • Feels comfortable during walking
  • Soft collar for reduced grinding


  • Soft cushioning but not enough support

5. New Balance 411 V1 – Best Sporty Silhouette

If you think you can pull off a sporty silhouette with your vacation outfits, the New Balance 411s might be the right pick for you.

We know they look bulky compared to the slip-ons we’ve seen so far. But these trainers are relatively lightweight. Plus, they have it all, from a cushioned insole to a sturdy outsole with a strong grip on a variety of surfaces.

It does look plain, which you’ll either really love or really hate, depending on your style and travel outfit choices.


  • Cush+ insole provides comfort without sacrificing support
  • Sturdy construction that will last long after your trip
  • Available in standard, wide, and narrow fits


  • Looks a bit like school shoes and comes in limited colors

6. On Cloud 5 – Best Walking/Running Shoe

One thing that stands right away on the Cloud 5 (aside from the cute design) is its lacing system. By default, these shoes are shipped with On’s signature speed lacing system (a no-tie elastic lace wrapped across the midfoot).

We find that this elastic lace is snug enough to hold the shoe in place all day. However, you can always shift to traditional laces if you want more control over the fit. That would be a good move if you want to use the shoe for workouts as well.

If you do take this shoe for running, you’ll appreciate the patented CloudTec cushioning. It softens your landings, but you probably won’t notice the effect all that much during walking tours.

Note that while this model itself isn’t ideal for rainy cities, On does make a waterproof version with reflective detailing. You might have to compromise on the color options if you go for the waterproof Cloud 5, though.


  • Super comfortable on long walks
  • Lightweight (7.16 oz) and could double as a running shoe
  • Comes with both classic laces and a speed lacing system
  • Breaks in fairly quickly


  • On the pricey side
  • Not enough grip on the midfoot area (not ideal for wet weather)

7. Reebok Walk Ultra 7 DMX Max – Best for Basic-Colored Sneakers

The Walk Ultra might not be the “cutest” shoe on the list—it’s rather plain. Yet, it’s supportive and definitely holds its weight during long walks. So, we have to admit it could be a good pick for a trip where you want something neutral to match as many outfits as possible.

We also love how it features an almost-bouncy memory tech cushioning, especially around the heel. The shoe design supposedly shifts the air from your heel to your toe between strides, making walking that much more comfortable.


  • Leather and textile upper makes the shoe supportive
  • Rubber outsole with reliable traction for different terrains
  • Available in standard and wide fits


  • Available in basic colors only
  • The insole might be too stiff initially
Close up of a sole of a Woman's shoe while walking

8. STQ Orthotic Nursing Mary Janes – Best Strap-ons

Did you know nurses take upwards of 16,000 steps daily? So, when a shoe is designed with nurses in mind, you better bet it’s as comfy and reliable as can be, and this low-arch STQ Mary Jane fits the bill. 

The upper on this comfortable shoe has a 60% breathable zone, while the area behind the heel has a countered foam to lock your foot in place.

It’s worth noting that STQ claims that the hook-and-loop adjustable strap is good for up to 10,000 cycles. Meanwhile, the air-filled cushions under the heel can handle 120,000 compression cycles.

So, you might be able to wear this pair for next year’s vacation as well!

Let’s address the main concern here, though. We know some people associate Mary Jane’s with children’s school shoes and workwear, but it seems like there’s a rising demand for classic Mary Janes across European retailers. Think Clarks, John Lewis, and Vagabond.

While it might be harder to pull a high-fashion with this mesh (rather than leather) pair of shoes, you could still create a casual and laid-back vibe. For your vacation, you could pair them with denim, linen shorts, or a pretty sundress to get that youthful, put-together yet fun look.

And hey, maybe you’re even traveling for work and won’t mind having something professional-looking in your bag!


  • Inner foam patch around the heel to boost stability and reduce blistering
  • Hook-and-loop to accommodate more sizes
  • Adds height


  • The strap could leave a mark on your skin after a long day of walking

9. Teva Tirra Original Universal – Best Walking Sandals

Many of the travel shoes we’ve seen have a sort of breathable fabric to keep your feet from getting all toasty during long walks. But why not just go for a pair of sandals and really let your skin breathe?

The Original Universal sandals from the Tirra collection aren’t built for heavy-duty hikes. However, they’ll do just fine for all-day wear.

So, you can wear those bad boys while walking around the hidden gems of Quartiere Latino of Treviso, attending a festival, or even canoeing. Yes, these comfortable sandals are actually rated for water activities since the fabric straps dry quickly.

Plus, you can get them in fun colors!


  • Recycled materials used for the quick-dry webbing
  • Hook-and-loop closure with multiple points of adjustability to suit different foot sizes
  • Suitable for water activities


  • Depending on your foot shape, the plastic triangle over the small toe can leave marks on your skin

10. Merrell Moab 3 – Best Waterproof Walking/Hiking Shoes

Whether you plan on spending an afternoon hiking through coastal routes or walking the Camino de Santiago for days on end, the Moab 3 might be the shoe for you.

After all, it’s a rugged, all-terrain shoe with a Gore-Tex waterproof membrane and a Vibram outsole for optimal traction.

Terrain performance aside, the shoe can also be very comfortable to walk in, thanks to the Kinetic Fit technology that helps “contour” the bed to your foot shape. There’s also an air cushion to soak up shocks as you walk on paved or uneven cobblestone streets.


  • Protective caps on the heel and toe area
  • Comfortable out of the box
  • Tongue design keeps the debris out as you walk on rugged surfaces


  • A bit pricey

11. Dr. Martens Rometty Boot – Best Fashionable Boot

Rebellious, fashionable, and heavy-duty—the Rometty boots, with their iconic yellow stitching, are a great addition to your wardrobe. But will they work for long walks on your vacation?

Well, the air-cushioned sole can soften each step. Of course, you can always add foam inserts if you want extra cushioning. Better yet, wear wool socks to keep your feet happy and warm as you walk across Europe’s streets on a cold winter night.

That said, these boots are not lightweight by any means. If you’re not used to wearing heavy Chelsea boots, you’ll need to wear this pair a few times before your trip. Otherwise, you might feel like you’re lugging around two concrete blocks.

Plus, it might be wise to wear them through security to cut down on your suitcase weight. Don’t worry—these boots slip on and off during airport checkpoints quite easily despite their weight.


  • Subtle yet shiny leather grain that works with many outfits
  • Chunky heel to add height and balance the silhouette
  • Great grip on the cemented sole construction


  • Can feel heavy on the feet

Things to Keep in Mind While Buying the Perfect Walking Shoe for European Cities

The most comfortable walking shoes are often breathable, stable under the food, and fit well.

But if you’re still overwhelmed by the choices, you can check out these four factors and narrow down your options as you go.

Number of Shoes Options to Pack

If you’re only visiting Europe for a short trip, we have to assume you don’t have all that much luggage space. So, 3–4 pairs of shoes might be more than enough.

Not all of them should be walking shoes, either. You might want to pack two pairs for touring and sightseeing. This way, you can alternate walking shoes to shift the pressure points each time you take a long walk.

The remaining pair or two could be something a bit more dressy—maybe a pair of ballet flats.

The Right Shoe Type

Suitcase and Travel Accessories and shoes on the floor

For some reason, some people avoid wearing sneakers while visiting Europe. Perhaps they think Europeans wear fancy shoes all the time, and they’ll stand out like a sore thumb in their sporty shoes.

But wearing sneakers in Europe isn’t a faux pas in and of itself. In fact, many Europeans wear sneakers daily. Plus, most comfortable shoes fall into this category anyway, so you might as well pick up a pair of sneakers for your trip.

Keep in mind that the shoe doesn’t have to be specifically made for walking, either. A running shoe will work, too, as long as the rocker shape doesn’t alter your natural gait significantly.

Just make sure you match the place you’re going. A tour of the city or a museum? Sneakers will do just fine. The Opera House or an expensive restaurant? Maybe go back to your hotel and change into “dressier” shoes first.

Balance Between Flexibility and Support

Walking is a low-impact activity. So, you don’t necessarily need the thick soles, low-drop, flare, dense cushioning, and all the supportive bells and whistles you see on pro-level running shoes.

However, you still need some sort of stability in your shoe since you’ll be walking for hours.

Different people need different levels of support in different spots, though. But, as a general rule, if you can bend the shoe in the middle without facing much resistance, it’s not supportive enough.

A bit of flexibility in the forefoot, on the other hand, can be desirable. 

Terrain Type and City-Specific Recommendations

We tried to keep the shoe options on the list as versatile as possible. However, you’ll need to narrow down the list based on where you’re going and what activities you’ll do.

Not all walking tours in Europe are the same, after all. Sometimes, you’ll need to walk over cobblestone streets. Take Amsterdam’s Dam Square, for instance. But other places, like the Amalfi coast, are known for their challenging stairways.

So, if you’re booking tours with a guide, ask them about the trail/street type. They’ll most likely be happy to share their recommendations and caution you if you need travel shoes with good traction for wet weather or rough terrains.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a local guide to ask, though. You can just open up Google’s Street View and do random “walks” around the cities you’re visiting to see what the streets are like.

Final Thoughts

While the lightweight Tiosebon and Go Walk Joy slip-ons are particularly convenient for traveling and comfortable enough for all-day wear, we don’t think you can go wrong with any of the shoes on the list.

That said, there are three golden keys to keep in mind.

The first is to double-check the size chart before buying a shoe. The second? A bit of testing goes a long way. Before the trip, wear the shoe enough times to break it in.

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