Florida man June 16 is another day jammed full of the weirdness we have all come to love about Florida.

Florida Man does something every day and despite that, he always manages to surprise us with something new. Want to see what Florida Man got up to on June 16th? Keep reading below to find out

Florida Man June 16 – The Last Great Florida Samurai

Florida Man was getting into a fight with his mother when he decided to threaten her with a samurai sword.

She called the police and the police headed there quickly. Upon the police arriving, Florida Man refused to put down the two swords that he was holding.

In an attempt to control the situation, Florida Man threw one of his swords at the police. Fortunately, they were able to avoid being hit by the flying weapon.

Police tased and arrested the Florida man after the failed attempt.. It turned out Florida Man had a blood-alcohol level that was over 3 times the legal limit to drive.

Officers booked the Florida man in on multiple crimes. 

Florida Couple Breaks into Mayor’s Home

When police spotted Florida Man and his girlfriend at a construction site, Florida Man jumped into his car and sped right at a police officer’s car, ramming it. Florida Man crashed into a ditch.

Police let a K9 out on a leash because they heard the couple open their doors. Instead of bailing out though, the couple threw the car into reverse and hit the dog.

The K9’s handler picked him up and ran before the couple could run him over again.

They continued to run after hitting another patrol car.

Eventually, they bailed out in the woods and managed to climb over the fence into the mayor’s yard. The officers managed to arrest the duo at the mayor’s home.

Florida Man June 16 – Sets Fire At A Gas Station

It feels like one of the first things that we learn about gas stations is that they don’t mix with fire.

Apparently, on June 16 Florida Man either forgot this or didn’t learn it right. He went into a porta-potty style toilet and lit the thing on fire.

Flames engulfed the porta-potty as he exited. Another patron noticed something on fire and helped to put out the fire. Multiple people were at or in the gas station at the time. 

Florida Man wasn’t too smart because the police found him just down the road, playing with a lighter as he walked.

Florida Man was quickly arrested and charged. Part of his bond included an order to stay away from gas stations. Hopefully, he won’t be playing with gas again. 

Final Thoughts

Florida is a big place and there are constantly new Florida Man stories coming out.

We have plenty of stories for you to read and get confused by. Make sure to check out some of the other days in history that we have covered.

If you would like to see how Florida man celebrated your birthday please leave the date in the comments below.

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