These Florida man April 11 stories are brought to you by marijuana. It is not a big surprise that marijuana plays a big part in many Florida man’s adventures. 

Here are two stories of how pot got Florida man into some trouble. If this is your birthday or someone you know, you will want to see what Florida man was up to on April 11.

Florida Man April 11, 2017 – Florida Man Sells Pot Brownies to Kids… At School

PALM BAY, Florida: A father and 17-year-old daughter were arrested for selling pot brownies to students from Bayside High School.  

Robert Johnson, 38, a self-proclaimed redneck hippy daddy, allegedly sold some space cakes during a basketball game at Bayside High.

The father-daughter duo was charging ten dollars apiece. They did so well they had already made plans to sell more at the upcoming graduation.

Police reported that two high schoolers had to be rushed to the hospital. One of the students became unresponsive after eating the edibles. 

Palm Bay police Lt. Mike Bandish told The Daily Beast, “The students didn’t understand the dosage of the pot brownies. Two of the students ate the complete brownie. You’re only supposed to take a bite or two. It’s like drinking one beer compared to the whole 12-pack”.

Johnson, a carpenter with no criminal record related to any drug, will be charged with felony charges.

Later, police found in his garage that he was also growing some marijuana plants. Next, searchers discovered his operations for producing edibles.

Jars full of marijuana were found hidden in a safe. Police also located more brownies in his freezer, according to police reports.

The father now faces charges of sale of a controlled substance to a minor; sale of a controlled substance near a school; and marijuana possesion with the intent to sell or deliver

Palm Bay cops stated, “wouldn’t get involved in a small operation like this. Normally we focus on heroin and fentanyl, but when kids are getting sick, we have to do something about it”.

Florida Man April 11, 2017 – Florida Man Leads Police to Marijuana Grow OP… His OWN

LEE COUNTY, Florida – A Florida man reported a home intrusion. Police responded and arrested him instead after finding his marijuana grow house.

The report came from a home in North Fort Myers. A man thought his home was being invaded. So 23-year-old Nathan Stone called the police and asked his house to be checked.

When the deputies arrived at the address given, Stone looked frightened. He then allowed the officers to go inside the house and check if there were invaders that had got in.

In the arrest report, a gun had been stolen from the house. This reason was why Stone called the police to come to check the place out.

When the police went inside, they discovered marijuana plants all over the house. The officers found them in the living room, bathroom, and bedroom. 

Police were shocked at the size of the operation they stumbled upon, even more so that the perpetrator had led them right to it.

Stone and an undisclosed 18-year-old woman were immediately arrested. The pair are now charged with marijuana production, marijuana possession over 20 grams, and other related charges.

Final Thoughts

You would think these Florida man stories would have taken place on April 20 and not April 11. These two men share the same happiness in life, which is growing marijuana and sharing its love. 

If you have read many of my Florida man stories, you will know that these are pretty tame. Maybe it’s the pot.

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