Now is the time. You probably heard the death knell of cryptocurrency already. The stock market has fallen further than it did before the 2008 recession. And, as always, inflation is at an all-time high. If you don’t sell your house now, you might not get a better price for years.

On top of this, consider what it means to predict a real estate market crash. If you really think that real estate will tank, then that means selling now means having the liquidity to buy a lot later. That makes it imperative that you sell your home for as much as you can. 

But how do you do that? Well, that is what we are here to help with. We are going to go over the top 10 things you should keep in mind if you want to sell your home for top dollar.

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Don’t get Emotional

The first thing you are going to want to do is not get emotional. But what does that mean? Well, it means don’t get entitled to a good price. Don’t get fixated on a certain price. Keep in mind that there is a maximum amount of money you can get and try to find that amount.

If you get into talks with client after client and none of them are willing to take your price that you are selling the property for, then there is a good chance you are too attached to too high a price.

Research the Market

The best way to stay away from obtrusive emotions is to focus on the facts. How much are homes like yours sold for? What prices do people list? What prices do people buy at? And perhaps most importantly, who is doing the buying? That might be the biggest question.

If you can find the right buyer—someone who needs your property—you can name your price.

Research Your Property

This sounds like strange advice to some people, but then they look around and realize: Their property is similar to at least a few other properties nearby them. The obvious thing to research is how much those properties sell for. But on top of that, you can also research why they sell for those prices. Similar properties will have similar liabilities, as well as similar opportunities.

Think Like a Buyer

If you are selling a house, then you are either selling to a person or an organization. Either way, those groups will have distinct desires for your house. A buyer will have a limited budget and a family. Their need will be greater, but their resources lesser. Organizations have that reversed.

Selling to Families

Thinking like a family looking to buy a home means focusing on the human benefits your home offers. Closeness to schools, crosswalks, and home security systems are all factors that can be used to raise the price of the home. Basically, you will want to think like a human.

Selling to Organizations

When you are selling to organizations, the rules change. They are not buying your house to raise a family. They are buying your house to bulldoze it and replace it with a duplex. Do your research on what houses like yours are used for after they are bought.

This allows you to negotiate from a position of power. You can make promises of what your home can do for them later down the line. You just need the knowledge.

Repair Damage

Fixing things up is a home selling fundamental. Start with the most superficial damage and treat all damage as equally bad. That means you should respond to chipped paint with the same alarm and zeal that you respond to serious water damage.

The idea here is that you make your home look like it is brand new. Which is an odd image to conjure, as a brand now home does not stay brand new for long. Paint chips naturally. Water damage happens. But what you need is for it to look like it is the exception to those rules.

Remove Distinguishing Features

Not everyone is going to like this, especially if you are living in it at the same time you are trying to sell it. But what you are trying to do here is present the home as a normal, natural, and neutral entity. That is to say that you are not selling the idea of the home as your place.

What you are doing is selling the idea of the home as anyone’s place. It is not sacred. It can be used to raise a family or raise one’s bank account. 

Understand Supply and Demand

What does it mean to understand supply and demand? Well, imagine you are trying to sell someone a chair. What do you tell them? Do you tell them you love the chair? That’s very sweet, but they don’t care. Do you tell them Abe Lincoln sat in the chair? Fascinating. So what?

The answer is that you tell them to sit down. They can either sit on the ground, or they can buy your chair and sit in a chair. The same goes for selling a house. If someone is coming to you to buy a house, they need a house. Find out why they need it and respond to that need.

Install Security

Amusingly, if you are selling a home, then this tip is true whether you are selling to a family or an organization. The reason is that security makes insurance premiums lower either way.

Install a security system and the price of your home will always increase. It’s that simple.


Houses are places for families to spend their lives together. But at this point in history, they are also commodities. And like any commodity, their exact value is highly negotiable. So, do not be swindled into thinking that its price is set in stone. Negotiate well, and get your money.

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