Homes are for more than just for show. A properly-maintained home can be a safe and comfortable place to call home.

Yet, many people don’t know where to start regarding home maintenance. Do you need to hire a professional? Can you do the maintenance yourself?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Keep reading for our essential home maintenance tips and tricks. You’ll be feeling right at home in no time.

1. Tidy Up Outdoors

Start by regularly raking leaves, clearing debris, and pruning trees or shrubs to end potential pest harbourage. Also, ensure that you inspect your property for any trees with dead limbs and have them removed if necessary.

Pressure washing your driveway, walkways, siding, and decks can help keep them looking great and prevent dirt, mold, and other particles from settling in and causing damage or staining.

It is best to check for any damage on your house’s exterior, from cracks or missing shingles to overflowing gutters, and attend to them promptly.

2. Pest Prevention

Be sure to look for signs of pests and fix any noticeable damage. Pay extra attention to spots also exposed to moisture, such as around windows and door frames.

If these areas are not sealed properly, pests can easily get in. Keep an eye out for cracks, holes, or gaps around your foundation, and seal these as soon as you notice them.

Preventing pests from entering your home is much easier and more cost-effective than dealing with the damage they can do once they’re inside.

To ensure the best annual home maintenance, you can ask the help of the best termite inspections for expert services and solutions. 

3. Heating & Cooling Maintenance Tricks

Keeping your house properly heated and cooled is essential in keeping you and your family comfortable year-round. Regular maintenance is key and should also be done at least once a year.

Ensure your air filters are replaced monthly and your windows and doors are sealed well. Have your units checked for blockages and debris, and make sure any wiring is also checked.

Check your vents and registers for blockage, and clear a path for good airflow. If you have a central A/C system, check the drain lines, refrigerant levels, and condensation lines.

For furnace systems, ensure that the fan belt is secured and that there is no rust or damage to the heat exchanger.

4. Regular Appliance Inspections

Inspections should also be done for all the major appliances, such as the fridge, washing machine, dryer, and oven. Check for any leaks or strange sounds and test for proper operation.

Make a checklist of each item to ensure that each appliance is inspected thoroughly. You should also check the appliances’ filters to ensure they are clean.

Don’t forget to read the manufacturer’s handbook to learn how often your appliances must be serviced or replaced.

Learn About Essential Home Maintenance Today

Routine home maintenance is key to keeping your home looking and functioning great. Keeping your home in great condition has never been easier!

Get started on your maintenance routine checklist today, and take the time to make sure your home is in its best shape. So, what are you waiting for? Start regular home maintenance today!

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