At some point or another, we’ve all considered the aesthetics of our outdoor spaces. After all, one of the best reasons to opt for outdoor living is the ability to create a space that’s both useful and beautiful to look at.

Between the rise of outdoor living spaces as a housing option and impressive home improvement and DIY programs on television, it seems everyone has high hopes for their outdoor spaces.

But where should you begin? Check out this short guide to the four most impressive landscape features you can add to your outdoor space today. 

Read on!

1. Water Feature  

Water features are one of the top four landscape features to consider when designing your outdoor space. From a small pond to a grand fountain in the middle of your garden, water features can instantly transform your outdoor space into a place of rest and relaxation.

Since water features can be done both large and small, they’re a great addition to any outdoor space, regardless of size. With the right design and installation, a water feature can be the perfect addition to your outdoor space, serving as a stunning visual centerpiece to your landscape.

2. Hardscaping

Clear pathways provide structure and flow to the landscape, while also allowing it to remain open and inviting.

Retaining walls are perfect for addressing sudden changes in elevation, separating the landscape design into distinct but natural-looking levels. Free-standing walls can be used to bring a sculptural element to the design and provide some privacy.

Patios and decks also provide an inviting space for relaxation, as well as serve as a platform to display beautiful plants and flowers.

3. Lighting

When it comes to landscape features, lighting is an affordable and easy way to perfect your outdoor space. There are a few top options to consider that can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

You can choose accent lighting to draw attention to attractive features of your landscape, like pathways, gardens, trees, and other areas. Next, you can add spot or flood lighting for illuminating larger areas or as a night light.

You can opt for some type of outdoor art lighting, such as energy-efficient lanterns or focus lights; this is an especially great choice for path or walkway lighting. Use up-lighting to provide an interesting perspective by pointing light upward.

4. Landscaping

It can add beauty, order, and functionality to an area. When designing a landscaping plan, there are key features to consider.

An attractive hardscape can provide structure and stability to an otherwise chaotic space. Irrigation systems should be integrated to ensure plants are properly watered and soil layers remain healthy.

Plants can contribute color, texture, and depth to a landscape. Plant selection should be tailored to local climate and design needs. Click here to learn more about the best landscaping design today.

Enhance Your Landscape Features Today

By incorporating these top four landscape features into your outdoor space, you can recreate your outdoor area into a haven of beauty, peace, and relaxation.

Why not get started today by including a pond, outdoor kitchen, patio, and fire pit and witness it transform into a welcoming outdoor area?

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