We make use of our homes every single day of our life. We know them inside out. Every nook and cranny. There is no corner that hasn’t been used in our houses. Your home needs to be where you are happy to entertain people, but it should also be somewhere you can navigate easily and feel comfortable in. There are a number of different modifications you can make to your home if you have mobility issues, and these will be discussed in more detail below.

Make Stairs Wheelchair Accessible

These are one of the most obvious obstacles that people face in wheelchairs and are one of the first modifications that should be made. There are several simple solutions out there for people who use a wheelchair to get up the stairs, and the majority of them are reasonably affordable too. Ramps are a great option and can be used for exterior steps as well as steps within the house that connect different rooms. Also, a stairlift or stair climber can be incredibly useful if you have a longer set of stairs.

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

When you leave your home to travel somewhere, you will want to make sure that you can drive as there is a great deal of freedom that comes with this. Just because you have mobility issues does not mean that you can’t drive, as there are a number of wheelchair-accessible vehicles out there that you are able to use on your journey. These usually are powered using your hands, and they are affordable regardless of what your budget is. Be sure to head over to sites such as alliedmobility.com to find a range of different vehicles that you can choose from.

Bathroom Ideas

The bathroom can present many issues for those in a wheelchair, resulting in frustration and injury. You must be sure to consider the different types of wheelchair modifications available to make life easier. For instance, your toilet seat height should be around 17 to 19 inches in order to make transferring from a wheelchair as easy as possible. You should also consider getting a thicker plastic seat to avoid injury. Showers and tubs also present challenges, but once again, these can be solved by asking the right questions, such as whether you want a tub with an opening door or a walk-in shower rather than one where you need to climb over the side. Sometimes converting the bathroom into a wetroom is going to be the best option, but as long as there are handrails, shower chairs, and the proper supports in place, you’ll be able to find the best option to suit you.


For many people who use wheelchairs, just leaning out from a chair to turn a doorknob can be incredibly difficult. It is a good idea to replace the doorknob with a push/pull lever handle, and these make accessibility a lot easier. You could also consider installing an automatic door as, once again, this is going to make maneuvering around the house a lot easier and more straightforward.

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