Content is everything in today’s world. Consumers want more than a solution to a problem. They want to learn how to do things themselves and prevent issues from happening in the first place. That’s why 91% of companies now use content marketing tactics.

If you’re slacking on the content department on your website, it’s time to turn things around. Below are five benefits of content marketing that make it worth the effort.

1. More Search Traffic

You can only get so much search engine traffic when you don’t have much content on your website. The keywords you rank for won’t get much traffic, and the higher-competition terms will be out of reach. Your site won’t have enough topical authority to establish your website as an authority.

Things change once you start creating content. One of the best content marketing benefits is the increase in organic traffic. Great content will help you rank for more keywords and increase your site’s authority in your industry.

All of this leads to higher rankings and increased website traffic.

2. Share on Social Media

Search engine traffic isn’t the only type of traffic you can receive with a great content plan. You can also include your new content as part of your social media strategy.

By sharing your new website content on social media, you provide valuable content to the people following your account. This content will help build trust with your followers and make it more likely for them to buy your products in the future.

3. Hit All Parts of the Buying Cycle

Getting people at the right part of the buying cycle is hard in business. Sure, regular ads might put you in front of your target audience. The problem is that many of those people may not be ready to buy.

Since you know the search intent of the people searching on Google, you know how to structure your content to meet their needs. As a result, you can better earn their trust and put them into the right part of your sales funnel. This will lead to more sales.

4. Improve Brand Credibility

First-page rankings aren’t the only benefit you’ll get when you’re on the front page of Google. People believe that the first page results contain the cream of the crop in the industry. If your website isn’t there, it can hurt your brand’s credibility.

If Google trusts your website enough to put it on the front page, that improves your trust with regular people. People will trust your website more and be more willing to trust you with their money.

The Benefits of Content Marketing Are Worth the Investment

It’s expensive to continue paying ad money to generate traffic to your website. If you want to cut your costs, investing in a content marketing agency is a great way to generate free traffic once you rank on Google. Now that you know the benefits of content marketing, start taking action to create great content today.

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