Basements used to be a place for storage and your washer and dryer. Finishing them meant an extra playroom for your kids or maybe a man-cave. Now, basements are becoming part of your home as 9% of new homes come with them ready for living. 

However, this means many basements still need some work. One of your first concerns should be covering up that dull cement flooring or replacing that old carpet. 

Read on for some of your best flooring for basement options. 

Epoxy Painted Cement

Getting a basement floor epoxy may make sense to you if you prefer an industrial look. But, add some color with epoxy paint that adds some design to your floor. 

Epoxy is also great for protecting your floor as it is waterproof and easy to clean. 


If a waterproof basement flooring is not important to you then go for cozy. Nothing makes your basement more inviting than a soft carpet. 

You can also choose a less plush style of carpet like Berber that is more durable and simple to clean. It is also cheaper just in case you do have water damage. It can be replaced without breaking your budget. 

Rubber or Cork

One of the best basement floor ideas is to go for repurposed rubber or cork. These are eco-friendly options because they are usually made from recycled material. 

Both types of flooring come in various colors and shapes in tile form. Create a unique design that looks expensive but isn’t. 

Another great thing about rubber and cork is that they work wonderfully for kids’ play areas since they are soft and responsive. Plus, spills and stains are easy to wipe away. 


The most expensive yet attractive of your basement flooring options might be wood. While traditional wood flooring may not work in such a damp setting there are some engineered wood choices. 

This type of wood flooring is layered, unlike natural hardwood. It is also waterproof and does not soak up moisture or warp. 

Click for more information about engineered wood vs. hardwood floor options. 


Tile flooring for basements is the most versatile as it comes in many colors, sizes, shapes, and price options. Since tile is heat resistant it might be a good idea to have a floor heating system installed before laying the tile. Your basement will feel warm to the touch and look sophisticated.


Lastly, the most economical flooring choices are various vinyl. It can come in sheets or even planks to mimic wood. Either way, vinyl is waterproof and easy to maintain. 

You will also find many different designs to fit any style you choose for your basement. 

Choosing the Best Flooring for Basement

As you can see, there are nearly unlimited options to choose the best flooring for basement when you factor in material, color, and design aesthetic. Picking one can be tricky, however, it is best to consider your budget first. Then decide on the type of style you want for your basement, which will also depend on your planned usage. 

Check out our Home Life section for more tips on decorating your basement around your new beautiful floor. 

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