Garages are valuable storage areas where you can keep vehicles, landscaping equipment, and other valuables secure and out of the elements. While they’re practical for storage, a staggering 36 percent of garages in the United States are too cluttered to use. If you cannot use your garage, it’s time to consider a modern garage makeover to create more usable space in your home.

The best modern garage makeover ideas help you optimize storage and add value to your garage. Finding the best garage makeover ideas on a budget to improve your home without going into debt is possible.

Fortunately, you’ve found the perfect guide to gain four new modern garage makeover ideas to take your home to another level. Continue reading to take back your garage and build something special today!

1. Luxury Garage Makeover

The modern luxury garage has several amenities that add value to this space in your home. It’s the perfect upgrade if you own luxury vehicles and want an area worthy of them to store them when you’re not driving.

Upgrade your garage flooring to protect against stains and cracks. Cabinets are another welcome addition for hidden storage to keep your essentials out of the way. Consider installing hooks to hang items and keep clutter off your garage floor.

2. Minimalist Garage Makeover

Another excellent option if you’re reducing clutter in your garage is a minimalist makeover. The minimalist modern garage makeover removes unnecessary items and amenities for a safe space to store your vehicles and landscaping equipment.

Line your garage walls with sleek cabinets for storing other essentials out of sight. Bells Construction Group is the perfect resource to convert your garage into an elegant, modern garage conversion.

3. Finished Garage Makeover

Many garages look cluttered because they’re unfinished and lack the storage space and options to keep clutter at bay. One of the best garage makeover ideas on a budget is to install matching cabinets for additional storage. You don’t need your garage to look like a luxury garage to enjoy a successful remodel and an organized home.

Hooks and cabinets are perfect for getting rid of floor clutter. You can also create space against the garage walls to lean sports equipment and landscaping tools.

4. Fitness Room Garage Makeover

If your home has an oversized garage, consider removing some of your clutter and creating a fitness center in your garage. Garages are the perfect multi-purpose spots in your home. You can use your garage to work out instead of paying for a gym membership.

Creating a workspace in your garage is also wise if you enjoy DIY projects. Install a workbench and extra storage for tools to turn your garage into a flexible garage remodel.

Start Your Modern Garage Makeover Today

Committing to a modern garage makeover is an excellent way to clear the clutter in your garage and get more use from this valuable space. A luxury modern garage makeover adds valuable amenities and hidden storage that matches your luxury vehicle’s aesthetic. A finished garage adds more storage and organization, while a fitness room garage conversion helps you stay active at home.

Are you ready to explore your options to remodel and add value to your home? Check out more of our finance and home blog content to make your home the best on the block!

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