It’s easy to let your yard slip a bit. After all, you’re a busy person, and your time is limited. But almost before you know it, your yard is looking rather shabby, and you’re thinking about how much work you’re going to have to get it back in order. To avoid this, there are certain yard chores that should remain a priority.

Mow Your Lawn

First, mow your lawn. Your grass needs regular attention because it will keep right on growing whether you like it or not. You should plan on weekly mowing, and if there is really no way you can manage this, consider hiring a local kid to do the chore for you.

Maintain Your Trees

Your grass, however, is only one part of your lawn. Your trees need attention too. Try to keep them neatly trimmed and watch for signs of disease. If you notice anything strange, call a professional tree care company to have a look. Sometimes tree removal due to emerald ash borer or another pest or disease is necessary, and this is not a job you should do on your own.

Care for Bushes

If your yard has bushes or hedges, be sure to keep them up, too. Trim them regularly so that they don’t grow wildly out of control. Also, watch for brown patches or other signs of distress. Again, you might call a landscaping company for advice. Consider planting more bushes strategically to give your yard some interesting texture.

Plant Flowers

One of the simplest ways to dress up your yard is to plant flowers for color and beauty. There’s no need to get too elaborate. Even a couple of flower tubs or boxes can brighten your yard without adding a lot of extra work. Choose flowers that work well in your climate. If you want to get a bit fancier with your garden, you could lay out a simple design and select a number of flowers with different colors and shapes. Get a gardening friend involved to help you but do remember that flower gardens require attention so don’t overdue.

Don’t Neglect Your Hardscape

Don’t neglect your hardscape either. Your paths, sidewalks, fences, and seating areas are an important part of your yard, and they should always be well-maintained. Keep walkways free from weeds and make an effort to repair cracks or chips. Paint fences as needed and keep them in good shape. Make sure your seating areas are clean and neatly arranged.

Pick Up Debris

Finally, keep your yard free of debris. Paper and other trash may blow in from time to time. Pick them up promptly, even if you have to chase them around a bit. Don’t leave tools or toys simply lying around on the grass. Get organized and make a place for everything in the garage or a shed or basement. Get your kids to pick up after themselves, too. It’s a good habit to start early.

Your yard can look terrific if you make an effort to take care of it. So don’t neglect certain basic chores. With a maintenance routine firmly in place, you can move on to bigger and better things for your outdoor spaces.

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