Did you know that the animal responsible for the most human deaths is the mosquito? In fact, these disease-carrying pests are the cause of around 725,000 deaths every year.

If you’re not in a malaria or dengue region of the world, you may think this doesn’t affect you. However, a mosquito infestation is a nightmare for everyone, regardless of disease risk.

Once your backyard becomes a mosquito habitat, you’ll long for the days that you weren’t itchy. The best place to start is learning about all the nooks and crannies that mosquitoes may be hiding (and breeding).

Read on to find out!

1. In Your Birdbath

A birdbath is a popular feature in many gardens, but there’s a hidden danger of it becoming a mosquito haven. Backyard mosquitos will make a beeline for your birdbath as they can lay their eggs in this stagnant water.

If you don’t want to ditch the birdbath, don’t worry. Simply make it part of your weekly routine to empty, scrub, and refill the birdbath. This method will kill eggs before they have a chance to hatch.

2. On or Under Your Furniture

Have you ever noticed a swarm of mosquitoes appear when you sit on outdoor sofas or cushions? It’s a common occurrence!

There are two reasons mosquitoes are attracted to your outdoor upholstery: dark colors and sheltered spots.

Mosquitoes like to find cool, dark areas. You’ll often see them resting either on or underneath your furniture. You can either put a light-colored throw over dark colors or look at this site for professional pest control services.

3. Under Plastic Tarps

Plastic tarps are fantastic for keeping weatherable objects dry, but they’re awful for collecting small pools of water. Again, this stagnant water provides the ideal mosquito breeding ground.

If you use plastic tarps, make sure to empty any water off them after each rainfall and wipe them to kill any mosquito eggs.

4. In Compost Piles

Compost bins are the perfect place for mosquitoes to shelter and lay eggs. Compost piles are damp, cool, and dark. If you make compost in your backyard, make sure to use a compost bin with a secure lid.

This will prevent mosquitoes from getting inside and swarming you when you open the lid.

Don’t Let Your Yard Be a Mosquito Habitat

Now you know what makes an ideal mosquito habitat, you can take steps to avoid them setting up a breeding ground in your backyard.

Realistically, you’ll never be able to kill every mosquito, but you can certainly make your backyard less attractive to these irritating pests. There are several DIY mosquito control techniques, but you should call Waynes mosquito control in Nashville if you want some additional assistance.

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