Your plush carpet is hiding some dirty secrets from you. There are more germs on a carpet than you will find on a toilet seat!

Although most of those germs won’t make you sick, carpets are a sponge for bacteria, pollutants, and hair. Keeping your carpets clean can help you and your family breathe better and stay healthy.

If your carpets are ready for a deep clean, you may wonder if you should hire rug cleaning services or tackle the job yourself. We’ll go over the pros and cons of both in our guide below.

The Rug Cleaning Machines

Vacuuming your rug is a general cleaning task that only takes care of surface-level grime. At least once a year, your carpets need a thorough cleaning. To get the deepest clean, you’ll need a carpet cleaning machine to do the job.

Professional cleaning services often use a truck-mounted cleaning unit to clean rugs. These machines don’t mess around with their power and ability to remove dirt and gunk from your carpets. They can get anything from pet urine to old stains out of your rugs.

No matter how you cut it, your home rug cleaning machine isn’t going to do as good a job as the ones professionals use. You can rent a rug cleaner from a store, but these machines are weak and don’t come with cleaning solutions.

Home rug cleaners clean the surface layer of most rugs. You’ll be left with a surprising amount of dirt and grime.

Drying Time

Home rug cleaners don’t do a great job at keeping your carpets dry after you have cleaned them. You will end up with soggy carpets that take hours to dry. This is especially challenging if you have pets, as their smells can transfer to the damp carpets.

The powerful machines that professionals use mean much dryer carpets from the start. Many professional cleaners come with fans to help speed the drying process up.

Carpet Cleaning Knowledge

If you are hoping to clean your carpets yourself, you can risk ruining them if you aren’t careful.

Stains will be no match for a professional carpet cleaner! These professionals, like the ones at, also know about types of carpet materials. This knowledge is beneficial if you have a valuable rug that needs cleaning.

Cleaning Time

Cleaning a carpet yourself is not a quick task. Depending on how many rugs you have, this job will take time. You’ll need to rent the machine, clear the floor, and clean the carpet.

Carpet cleaning services give you all that time back! Instead of giving up a weekend, you’ll come home from a day out to fresh carpets.

Hire Rug Cleaning Services for the Deepest Clean

Although hiring rug cleaning services is more expensive than doing it yourself, the benefits outweigh the extra cost. The stress-free experience and thoroughly cleaned carpets will be more than worth it!

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