Almost 75% of homes sold in 2019 were part of homeowners association (HOA) communities.

A neighborhood HOA makes rules that the houses in the area must follow, and the homeowners typically pay a fee to maintain the communal areas such as parks and swimming pools.

Remember that not all HOAs are equal. An unorganized or unfair HOA can really make life hard on you. So do your research and make sure to hire Pro Elections for HOA election inspection, to keep things transparent and fair.

If you’re wondering about whether you should move to a neighborhood with an HOA, here are all of the benefits.

1. Good Property Values

One of the best things about a homeowners association is that the property values are maintained. Because the HOA has certain standards for the appearances of homes and behavior of their residents, it’s unlikely that house prices will go majorly down.

This can be great for people who don’t want to lose money after purchasing a house when they sell it later and want to make a profit. Who doesn’t?

2. Well-Maintained Common Areas

HOA fees often go into maintaining common areas such as parks and swimming pools. That means one of the major homeowners association perks is knowing that you can always expect the neighborhood to be clean and tidy — and it’s not your responsibility to keep it that way.

If you have kids who want to use the park or dogs who want to enjoy the dog park without worrying about the state of it, this is ideal!

3. A Sense of Community

An HOA neighborhood will often organize community events such as parties, fundraisers, or simple social gatherings. This gives you a chance to meet and bond with your neighbors in a way you might never have before.

This helps you get to know the people you’re living around and make actual friends you can trust. There’s nothing like being surrounded by people who care about you.

4. Possible Maintenance Services

Some homeowners association neighborhoods will include maintenance services in their fees. They might provide some services for your yard or the exterior of your house.

If they don’t, however, and you need someone to keep things up to scratch, check out to get everything looking great!

5. Assured Quality of Living

The best thing about a homeowners association is simply the assured quality of living. No more being disturbed at three in the morning by late-night parties or dealing with dogs left outside constantly and barking for attention.

The HOA’s main goal is to improve your quality of life through their regulations, and they’ll do just that. If someone isn’t abiding by the rules, report it, and your HOA and the people they’re involved with will be able to deal with it. That is, after all, what they’re there for.

A Neighborhood HOA Is Great for Many People

If you’re looking to buy a home where there’s little chance of the value going down and you’ll be surrounded by like-minded people then a neighborhood HOA is right for you. The rules and regulations benefit everyone who lives there, and you’ll get a lot out of it.

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