In 2020 alone, criminals stole 810,400 vehicles in the US, resulting in losses amounting to $7.4 billion.

That’s enough reason to park your car in your garage at all times.

However, just as crucial is to have a functional garage door. Not having one is an invitation to criminals. In contrast, an old or damaged door is easy for thieves to pop open with coat hangers.

So, if any of those describe your situation, it’s time for a new garage door. Keep reading as we’ve listed the best types of garage doors you can choose from below.

Sectional Garage Doors

Sectional garage doors have panels that break into sections, hence their name. Hinges, in turn, hold the parts together and allow them to bend and curve while the door opens.

When completely open, sectional garage doors follow the contour of the garage’s ceiling. Thus, they don’t cause any loss of driveway space on the front side of the room. That’s also why they’re ideal for households with taller or bulkier cars, such as trucks, SUVs, or MPVs.

Sectional garage doors are available in wood, aluminum, or steel materials. You can also add windows to let natural light stream into your garage.

Best of all, you can have sectional garage doors fitted with an automated lock. That way, you safeguard your garage’s contents, including your car.

Roller Garage Doors

Like the sectional type, roller garage doors also consist of adjoined vertical slats. They rise vertically, too, but they coil into a roll as they do so, hence their name. So, they don’t cover part of the ceiling; they wind into a tight loop above the door frame inside the garage.

For the same reason, roller doors are among the best garage doors for those who want to save and maximize space. They’re also electronic, meaning you can operate them remotely or with your smartphone. Moreover, they come in high-performance metal materials, making them corrosion-resistant.

Side-Sliding Garage Doors

Side-sliding residential garage doors glide from one side to another. You can also find versions that meet halfway and then slide from the center to one side. Either way, you can choose to open them partway, making entry and exit to the garage faster.

While manual side-sliding garage doors are available, you can also get automated ones. The latter is a better option if you want to close or open the doors using a remote or a smartphone. Besides, you can equip automated doors with better security features, such as locks.

Custom-Made Garage Doors

Do you have or plan to construct a massive garage with a gigantic opening? In that case, you can’t install a typical sectional, roller, or side-sliding garage door. That’s because these doors usually come pre-made with standard dimensions.

Fortunately, according to, you can now order customized doors. With these, you get to dictate your preferred dimensions and materials. Plus, you can add as many bells and whistles as you want, such as windows, locks, and security accessories.

Invest in the Best Types of Garage Doors

There you have it, your guide to the best types of garage doors to get for your home. Regardless of your final choice, the most crucial thing is to install a high-quality door ASAP. The sooner you do, the sooner you can protect your car, home, and, most importantly, your family from thieves.

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