They say you should never say never, but we say construction projects are different. You may have a burning desire for an in-ground pool in your back yard. However, unless you have loads of time, tons of money, and a large amount of patience, you might change your mind.

Almost everyone believes you can’t build a DIY inground pool yourself, but the truth is, it has indeed been done. Thing is, it’s more difficult and more frustrating than you can possibly imagine.

Here are a few more reasons why a home built in ground pool is a bad idea.

1. No Warranty

A DIY inground pool is not a good idea, especially with no warranty. Without having a warranty, there is no guarantee of the pool being completed properly. Without an engineer or contractor present, it could easily lead to an overlooking of safety issues.

If there are no safety protocols in place and something does happen to someone in the pool, the homeowner would not have any support or protection. 

2. No Access to Proper Materials

Creating an in-ground pool requires access to certain materials that may not be easily accessible. Without these materials, you won’t be able to build a pool that is sturdy and deep enough for swimming.

Furthermore, without access to the right type of materials, the pool may not have adequate support and could collapse. If you don’t have access to the type of concrete or steel for the pool’s base, then you could be risking your safety. Additionally, you would need access to reliable pumps, drains, and filters to keep the water clean, which you may not have. 

3. Heavy Lifting

The pool itself is heavy, and the materials required to install it can be even heavier. It is easy to underestimate the amount of time and effort involved in digging, carrying, and leveling the ground and installing the swimming pool to full regulatory compliance.

It is a physically demanding task with the risk of injury compounded by improper materials handling, such as moving a large, heavy vinyl liner up steep steps in order to install it. Furthermore, heavy lifting requires safety gear, multiple sets of capable hands, and utmost attention to detail and safety measures, which is not something that most DIY-ers are accustomed to or can easily handle.

4. Dangerous

However, the truth is that it’s a dangerous idea. Without professional experience and knowledge, building an inground pool can be risky and prone to errors. Improper installation of the pool can lead to leakage, permanency issues, and structural problems.

Even if there’s no structural issues, DIY inground pools are not inspected by officials. Therefore, if something’s wrong with it, it may go unnoticed until tragedy occurs. Choose pool installation in Denver to avoid risky situations like this.

5. Can Take Longer Than Expected

DIY inground pools can be a great way to save money, but they can also be a cause of frustration if they take longer than expected. This is because inground pools require much more work than above ground ones. They often involve more complicated tasks.

Digging the perimeter, laying the groundwork, connecting plumbing, installing filtration systems, pouring and finishing concrete, installing a liner, and properly maintaining and treating the water can all take longer than anticipated, leaving the project incomplete and stalled. 

Learn Why DIY Inground Pool Is a Bad Idea

Overall, a DIY inground pool can be a costly, time-consuming and stressful undertaking. With professional installation services available, it can be smarter to hire an experienced pool builder to help ensure the project is completed to your satisfaction. 

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