If you start to notice wood in your home or around your property cracking and crumbling, it’s not time to call in a team to demolish the building.

Termites are probably the cause of the destruction, and it’s important to detect the problem early to keep it from becoming large and costly to solve.

We’re going to walk you through the termite control procedures you should have completed by a trusted exterminator. We’ll also list a few early signs of termites you can start checking for in your home or yard.

1. Bark Flakes

Termites are a homeowner’s worst nightmare and can quickly cause significant damage to your property. One way to detect termites is to look for bark flakes.

Tiny bark resembling sawdust can be found around windows and doorways, in crawl spaces, and around air conditioning units and water heaters. If you’ve noticed these flakes, it’s important to take action and research the presence of a potential termite infestation.

2. Popcorn-Like Droppings

These are termite droppings, roughly the size, and shape of popcorn kernels. If you find these droppings anywhere in your home, there are likely termites present.

Noticing any of these signs is cause for alarm, and you should contact a termite pest control service immediately.

3. Discoloration & Damage to Your Home

Signs of a termite issue that you should not ignore include discoloration and damage to any wooden walls, furniture, or window frames. Discoloration usually appears as light-gray to dark-brown lines, swirls, or beehive-like patterns on your home’s wood surfaces.

Damage includes broken, warped, or eaten away wood that often has a hollow sound when tapped. Once in place, the termites may spread deeper into your home, causing extensive damage. An annual termite inspection should always be done to catch any issues early and prevent future damage.

4. Discernible Patterns of Wood Hollowing

The discernible patterns of wood hollowing can indicate a termite infestation. This can vary in form and severity, such as small holes, pockmarked tunnels, collapsed surfaces, frass, or sawdust-like material near these areas. Paying attention to these signs is important, as termite infestations can cause major structural damage to buildings.

5. Unusual Creaking & Shifting in Structures

Unusual creaking and shifting in structures could be an indication of termites and should not be ignored. Termites cause billions of dollars of property damage yearly, so it is important to keep an eye out for potential infestations.

This can be especially concerning in older homes or those with wooden framing. Termites could be to blame if you hear persistent creaking or shifting noises.

Signs of Termites That You Shouldn’t Ignore

Termites are a very serious infestation and not one to ignore. Terrymite damage can cost thousands, so keep an eye out for these warning signs! If you see any of them, contact a professional exterminator immediately to identify the issue and create a plan for remediation.

Don’t ignore these signs of termites, and don’t let them call your home their own – act now!

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