From roof repairs to handyman projects and general caulking and painting, you’ve been keeping your home maintained and repaired for years.

But what happens when some maintenance jobs get a little more complicated? What happens when you need a professional grade tool to fix something?

Windows are one of those projects that seem complicated. Read on to learn more about the warning signs that your home maintenance needs new windows replaced.

1. Identifying Cracks and Other Damage

Cracks and other damage in windows can be easily identified if you know what to look for. If you have old windows, it can be time to replace them if you find large cracks across the frame or broken glass.

If condensation forms between the panes, this is a sign of a broken seal, which effectively stops the window from doing its job properly. 

2. Discerning Drafts and Poor Insulation

Drafts are created when air leaks around the window, and lack of insulation causes heat to escape. Cold drafts can make a room feel cold, while hot drafts can make it feel sweltering.

Also, condensation and rot on the windowsills are indications that the windows are not properly sealed and need to be replaced. Inadequate insulation also causes electric bills to skyrocket as the air conditioner works harder to keep the house at a comfortable temperature.

3. Noticing Condensation and Moisture Buildup

Signs that your windows could use an upgrade include water droplets forming on the windowsill and frame, discoloration and staining of paint, and visible mold or mildew.

These indications signal that your windows have a lack of insulation and inefficient air sealing. With new windows, the sealed frame provides better insulation and less air infiltration which helps to limit moisture buildup and condensation.

Replacing your windows can also reduce the amount of dust and allergens that enter your home and improve the overall look of your exterior.

4. Estimating Your Home’s Age

Look for signs such as cracked or loose frames, fogging, drafty rooms, and condensation inside the frame. These are all signs of aging windows and can lead to high energy bills.

If your windows have a single-pane and lack any type of energy-efficient insulation then they are probably more than 25 years old.

Keeping up with the aesthetic of your home is also a sign that you need new windows. Was your home built before Vinyl replaced wood frames?

If so, you need to contact a vinyl window repair company if you want to maintain the look and structure of your home. 

5. Examining Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

If windows suffer from inefficiency, they may appear foggy or drafty, indicating that heat or cold outside is easily entering the home. Another warning sign is energy bills that seem to constantly increase.

Old, inefficient windows may cause energy bills to skyrocket and replacement windows may be the only answer. Windows can also become difficult to open or close due to broken seals or rust. Peeling paint on the windows and swelling or damage to the frames also indicate a need for new windows. 

Learn More About Home Maintenance Right Now

Home maintenance tips refer to replacing old, outdated windows as essential to the safety, comfort, and energy efficiency of your home care.

If you notice any of the signs listed in this article, don’t wait to get them replaced – contact a professional to assess your situation and determine the best solution.

Invest in new windows today and reap the benefits of a secure and efficient home!

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