Are there pesky and unsightly fleas in your home and property? Do you want immediate relief from these bloodsucking parasites? Then you need to enlist the help of a professional flea pest control service.

With the right tools and techniques, a pest control company can utilize chemicals and non-chemical solutions that get to the source of the problem. In other words, they have the ability to dispel fleas and keep them from ever returning to your home.

Keep reading below to learn six clear signs that you need your home exterminated by the best.

1. Hair Loss

A common sign that you need professional flea pest control is hair loss in your pets. Fleas feed on the blood of animals, leaving many pets with a patchy appearance.

Some pets may even have visible bald spots or be constantly itchy and scratching, which can cause permanent hair loss. You may also see specks of black on your pet or in the area where they sleep. 

2. Fleas Jumping and Hopping 

Spotting fleas jumping or hopping around your home is one of the surest signs that you need professional flea pest control. Fleas are very tough to get rid of once they have colonized your house, so if you see fleas jumping or hopping, it’s time to call in a professional.

Fleas reproduce quickly, so you must take action immediately to avoid a bigger infestation. If you see fleas jumping or hopping around your home, don’t wait.

Call a professional pest control company immediately for the best chance of getting rid of the problem.

3. Excessive Scratching 

Excessive scratching is a surefire sign you need professional flea pest control. When fleas infest a home, the animals living there may suffer from constant itching, which can become unbearable.

Flea bites can cause red, irritated skin and painful sores that your pet may try to scratch. If you notice your pet scratching more than usual, it can be a sign a flea invasion has occurred and that professional flea pest control is needed.

Professional flea pest control can end your pet’s itching and make your home flea-free fast.

4. Black Flecks or Flea Droppings

One of the main signs that you need professional flea pest control is the presence of black flecks or flea droppings. These are often found in beds, surfaces, and even people or pets.

The droppings appear as tiny black dots that almost look like pepper. Often these flea droppings will be found on a mattress or pet bed, around furniture, or in carpeted areas.

Flea droppings can be difficult to remove, so it is important to have a professional properly treat and remove them. One Two Tree can be the first step in ridding your home of other more severe signs of an infestation. 

5. White Sock Test

The White Sock Test is a simple and effective way to tell if you have a flea infestation and require professional pest control. Put on a white sock and walk around the affected area for about five to ten minutes.

If you come back with numerous specs or specks of black or red on the sock, then you likely have fleas and need to take action by calling a pest control expert.

Flea Pest Control for All Your Pest Problems

If you suspect you have a flea problem, take action quickly. Professional flea pest control can help you rid your home of fleas and prevent further infestations.

Don’t wait to contact a licensed and knowledgeable pest professional today and keep your home safe.

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