In 2021, 14.8 million reported seeing rodents in the US.

Rats pose a serious sanitation risk, along with the possibility of spreading contagious diseases. They also have a reputation for being clever, vicious, and capable of chewing through many different types of materials.

It’s no surprise that a lot of people want to get rid of their household rat problem, and fast. Unfortunately, there are so many different ways that rats could have found their way into your home that it can be tough to know where to begin.

Fortunately, there are a few tried and tested home rat eradication techniques that don’t involve hiring an exterminator. Keep reading to find out how you can get rid of rats and keep them from coming back.

Identifying Problem Areas

Seal up any gaps or holes around the exterior of a building, as rats can fit through surprisingly small spaces. There are various humane yet effective options for pest control in the winter. Keep outdoor areas free of clutter and debris, as rats use any available resources for nesting.

Be sure to remove any potential food sources, such as bird feeders or pet food that may be attracting rats. Store all food items in tightly sealed containers and dispose of all garbage properly. Finally, use traps or bait to help eliminate the rat population.

Strategic Baiting Practices

This includes placing bait stations in areas where rat eradication guide activity is highest, such as along walls, behind objects, in dark corners, and near possible entry points. When placing bait stations, make sure they are out of reach of pets and children, ideally in areas that are not accessible.

Place bait at regular intervals and make sure it is placed securely in the bait station. Place the bait in small amounts about the size of a walnut.

Proper Disposal of Dead Rats

It is important to wear protective gear, like gloves and a face mask when dealing with any dead animal. Second, it is essential that the dead rat is collected in a sanitized container and disposed of in a sealed plastic bag to prevent further disease spread.

Third, it is important to disinfect the area where the rat was found, as well as any other contaminated surfaces. Lastly, all rodent controls, such as traps or baits, should be removed after the rat has been collected and disposed of. 

Seeking Professional Help

Rat eradication service from your home can be an overwhelming task, and seeking the help of a professional can make a huge difference. Firstly, find a pest control operator with a good reputation who has the tools and the knowledge to help you to effectively eliminate the rats from your home.

Secondly, inspect your home thoroughly to determine the entry points and possible harborages. Lastly, ensure that preventative measures are taken to reduce potential rodent infestations and that barriers are in place to discourage re-entry.

Begin A Rat Eradication For a Cleaner Home

Rats can cause serious health and safety concerns, so it is important to find reliable ways to erase them. Following the tips in this article, such as identifying the entry points, catching them in traps, and avoiding future infestations, can help in your rat eradication efforts.

Consider hiring an exterminator for a more robust, professional solution. Take action today and enjoy a rat-free environment.

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