If you host events or other lunch-related activities at your company, chances are you have exhausted most of your options and are tired of ordering the same-old, same-old. After all, there are only so many food ideas that can feed many people.

But how many times can you have pizza, especially in Brooklyn, where everybody knows a better place than the last person? You could order from a deli, but then your employees will spend half the time making sandwiches or waiting in line to get their ingredients.

Why not think outside the box with barbecue catering Brooklyn?

Here are five things to keep in mind when bringing this southern tradition to your east coast office or job site:

Consider the Number of Guests

The amount of food you need to order depends greatly on how many people you will feed. Whether a small, medium or large business, getting a rough idea of the lunch/dinner attendance determines how much you need to order.

Since BBQ restaurants sell meat by the pound, they will be able to give you an idea of how many pounds you need per X number of guests.

Consider the Dining Set-Up

Not only do you need to ensure that there is enough food at your event, but also enough seating, as well as enough room for guests to move around freely between the serving and dining areas.

You’ll Need Tablecloths, Full Cutlery, and Plates, & Plenty of Napkins

Barbecue catering in Brooklyn offers a wide variety of meats, sides, and desserts. Unlike with one-dish meals such as pizza or deli, you will need lots of plates, forks, spoons, knives, and lots and lots of napkins (half the fun of BBQ is the mess!)

Meals and Sides for Every Type of Eater (Vegetarians/Vegans, People on Diets, etc.)

It’s important to remember that in every social or business setting, people will always have special dietary needs. While many people’s first thought doesn’t usually run to BBQ when considering vegetarian or vegan offerings, a diverse barbecue caterer will offer something for everyone’s preferences.

*Those watching their calories can enjoy grilled chicken with no sauce and sensible sides, while non-meat eaters have plenty of sides from mac and cheese to mashed potatoes to cole slaw and many more*

BBQ Is a Monotony-Breaking Option

There is no need to eat the same catering options over and over. Why not have comfort food made from scratch from the freshest ingredients? Pizza, sandwiches; it’s the same thing every bite. Give your employees something different and delicious!

Finding a Quality Brooklyn Catering Barbecue Company

The thing about BBQ is that it varies widely in quality from restaurant to restaurant. This is because cooking barbecue is as much art as it is science. A difference of just a few degrees (or minutes) in a smoker can be the difference between juicy, succulent meat and a dry, mealy mess.

When choosing a BBQ caterer for your company, make sure they use only the freshest and highest-quality ingredients, along with the proper cooking techniques.

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