Do you have a super large living room that seems to swallow up your house guests? 

The solution could be as simple as updating your windows with some window treatment ideas. Windows can be the core around which you build your room, and some new window coverings can be the final touch that defines the space.

Keep reading to learn more about how to make your living room pop with the right treatments.

1. Maximize Sunlight with Shutters

Window treatment ideas for a large living room include maximizing sunlight with shutters. Window shutters add a timeless, classic look to a living room while allowing diffused natural light to stream through. 

Shutters for windows come in a variety of materials and styles, from traditional wood to modern synthetic composites. Interior shutters provide protection from the hot sun while also giving complete control of privacy when closed. 

2. Liven Up Your Living Room with Sheer Shades

Sheer shades add both style and function to large living rooms. Light and airy fabric sheets in a wide variety of colors and patterns are available in solid or sheer fabrics, adding a subtle layer of color or texture to the room’s decor.

For a larger room, sheer shades can also be used as a natural room divider, allowing light to pass through to the sofa and areas around it while still providing a level of privacy. Sheer shades also make a great backdrop for accent pieces around a room’s perimeter, such as accent furniture, pillows, floor mats, and art. 

3. Go Bold with Colorful Valances

Bright colors can instantly brighten the room, while other hues can be used to add a cozy or neutral feel. Though they can be quite eye-catching, vibrant valances should be used judiciously and balanced with more subtle elements.

To achieve a cohesive look, select valances that are in the same color family, such as blues, purples, or reds, and hang them at the same length on each window. To add some contrast, pair the same colored valances with white, cream, or grey curtains. 

4. Soften the Room with Layered Curtains

Bland curtains can be quickly transformed with soft sheer fabrics layered with heavier drapery panels. Choose curtains and drapes in sumptuous tones such as off-white, cream, and delicate shades of blue.

By having layers of fabrics, it adds a unique, airy touch that is not only visually striking in its own right but helps to soften the room as well. Tiebacks anchor the window curtains to the sides of the window allowing natural light to fill the room and further contribute to the gradual softening of the space. 

5. Create Visual Interest with Drapery Over Drapery

The best way to create visual interest in such a space is to use drapery over drapery. This involves strategically hanging two sets of curtains, one from the top of the window frame and one from the bottom.

The two sets of drapery will also frame the window, while the double fabric sets can be used to add texture and interest to the window and the room. 

Learn More About Window Treatment Ideas

Window treatments can turn a large living room into a beautiful area of your home. They add style and beauty and provide privacy. Whether you choose to use honeycomb blinds, custom shutters, or any other window treatment ideas, your large living room will look incredible. 

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