Most of us only get to travel once a year, and this getaway is normally used as a week-long escape from work. While a holiday is a perfect opportunity to recharge your batteries, there is more that you can take away from your time spent traveling.

Not everything you gain from your experience is apparent straight away. Some benefits of a holiday may even go unnoticed. As such, this article will look at some surprising benefits that you gain from traveling, just in case you needed another excuse for a holiday.


Health is not the first thing you think about when you take a holiday. These escapes are a break from everyday life, which usually means watching your weight go out of the window. Therefore, junk food is on the menu and you can spend your evenings with a cocktail or two without feeling guilty. While you may choose to eat and drink as much as you like on holiday, some health advantages can come from travel.

The first of which is that it reduces stress. Too much stress in your system is bad for you, and it can take a long time to recover from the fast pace of your work life. Thankfully, a holiday can give you the relief that you need. This can help toward reducing your blood pressure, a common cause of major health issues. 

However, travel is also good for your mental health. Studies have shown that people who go on holiday twice per year are less susceptible to depression. If you find yourself feeling low, then perhaps a trip abroad is what you need. 

Boosting Creativity

The human mind is capable of conjuring some incredible feats of imagination. Everyone is born with an innate talent, you just need to take the time to find it. You may choose to channel this imagination into a drawing, painting, music, crafts, DIY, or anything else you can get your hands on. Unfortunately, a nine-to-five career doesn’t always afford us the time or environment to let our creativity flow, and when the weekend comes, you are far too tired to flex your artistic muscles.

However, a new environment can provide you with the inspiration that you need to become creative again. This boost in your imagination will fade if you stay in one place too long, though, so try to move locations regularly if you are planning a creative excursion.


Your brain craves new information to keep going. There are ways to enhance your mental capacity during your daily routines; however, there is nothing more beneficial to the human mind than an entirely new environment.

Exploring another country requires your brain to fire on all cylinders, give it the charge it needs to cope with the unfamiliarity. While your brain is in this state it is easier to absorb and retain new information. Therefore, you are likely to learn more when you are traveling. They say that travel broadens the mind, and this is the reason why.

Creating Memories

It is difficult to notice how important a life event is in the moment. It is only when you look back on key memories do you realize how important they truly are. The memories that stick with us the most are the ones that come unexpectedly, and you will create all manner of unexpected moments when traveling around somewhere unfamiliar. 

It isn’t always enough to trust in your mind to treasure these memories. You will experience a lot in a short period of time when you are on holiday, which is why it is important to document these moments with photos whenever possible. 

Creating a travel photo book gives you the tools to organize your key moments while also providing something to look back on in the future. It is easy to capture key memories now that your phone has a built-in camera, and a company like Photobox will arrange these candid snaps into a travel photo album when you request their help. Try not to let the key moments disappear by preserving them in a photo album. 

Opens Your Mind

The world is a very divisive place. Most of this contention does not come from a place of malice, far from it. Instead, we have evolved as a species to be wary of anything that is different, which means that you may choose to avoid certain situations because of a misunderstanding. The only way to familiarise yourself with other cultures, though, is to experience them first hand.

Traveling to another part of the world will not only teach you how different cultures behave, but it will also provide an explanation as to why. Placing yourself among another culture can help you to harbour more respect for the local people, and make you more receptive to new things in your everyday life. Therefore, travel can help you to become a more accepting and understanding person.

It Can Provide You With New Purpose

A nine-to-five job often involves doing the same thing every day. It isn’t always glamorous, but it pays the bills. However, accepting a job on the promise of a regular paycheque can cause you to lose your sense of identity. Security is good, but it can put you in a rut.

A great way to break out of this rut is by getting out into the world and doing something different. A break from your normal activities may remind you of what you really want to do, providing you with a new sense of purpose. This awakening can send you home with a fresh set of goals to work towards.


Travel is one of the most formative experiences that you can have in life. You will have a unique view of what a good holiday entails, but try to make your next break more than just a rest stop. So do whatever it takes to take that next trip, whether it is clipping travel coupons or starting a travel fund. Remember the true purpose of travel mentioned in this article to get the full benefit of a trip abroad.

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