Did you know that 20 percent of the damaged home claims in the United States of America were due to water damage from clogged or damaged gutters? Getting new gutters is something that isn’t on the radar of many homeowners, but a failure to take gutter maintenance seriously could result in some serious damage to your home.

It’s easy over the course of the year for leaves and other debris to make their way into your roof’s gutters. The environmental factors could also result in damage to your gutter options. You need to remain diligent when it comes to the gutter care that your home needs.

The good news is that you’ve found the right source to learn all about the seven signs that you need to start shopping for different types of gutters. Keep reading to learn more today!

1. Visible Cracks

It’s a good idea to check out the gutters on your home from time to time to ensure that they’re not getting damaged as the months and years go by. Leaks are one of the main signs that your gutters are damaged and need to get replaced, but it’s tricky determining what is a leak and what is heavy rainfall during a storm.

The main cause of these leaks is the cracks running along your home’s gutters. Your new gutters will become useless if they develop cracks in them from a lack of gutter maintenance. The primary goal of the gutters at your home is to collect water from your roof and move it to a safer location.

2. Rust

Rust is another bad sign that you don’t want to see if you’re trying to get more diligent with gutter care at your home. As bad as some minor cracks might be in your new gutters, rust is possibly an even worse discovery. Once rust starts to take hold of your home’s gutters it is close to impossible to fight it off and repair the gutter system.

As soon you notice rust you should start looking at your gutter options and getting Gutter Guards installed. The new gutters and the Gutter Guards will keep your home’s gutters clear of debris and in great shape for many years to come.

Rust often develops from holes in the protective coating that your gutters received during the manufacturing process. It could also be a sign that your gutters are reaching the end of their lifecycle.

3. Peeling Paint

You should also keep your eyes open for signs of the paint on your home’s gutters starting to peel away from the gutters themselves. The coating that your gutters come with is meant to take a lot of abuse from the elements, but you can’t expect your new gutters to last for the rest of your lifetime.

It’s wise to keep your eyes open during the gutter maintenance process each year to look for additional signs that you’re in need of new gutters. As soon as the paint starts to peel off of the gutters you will know that it’s time to move on from this step of home maintenance and schedule gutter installation at your home.

4. Leaning Gutters

Your gutters should never be leaning in any direction after they’re installed at your home. The main cause of a leaning gutter is a massive amount of debris that is stuck in the gutters that can’t make its way through the downspout. Water will start to pool on top of that debris and add more weight to the already strained gutter system.

The reality is that many homeowners skip cleaning out the gutters when it comes to annual home maintenance. This creates a perfect recipe for disaster since nothing will drain and the weight will continue to grow. The biggest sign that your gutter is leaning is when it starts to look as though it will pop off of your home at any second.

5. Mildew in and Around Your Home

There are also times when your gutter doesn’t seem as though it needs gutter maintenance, but signs around your home tell you otherwise. The main cause of this happening is the development of mildew around the foundation of your home. Mold is dangerous to have around the home since it can cause serious illness to members of your household.

You need to take action swiftly if you notice mold starting to grow and thrive around your home. Schedule an inspection of your gutter system and then look for ways to get rid of the mold in your home.

6. Puddles of Water

You’re also going to encounter puddles around your home when you’re experiencing signs that you need new gutters. Take a look around your yard after a big rainstorm to see if there are large collections of water around the outside of your home that is starting to pool.

These large puddles in your yard are a sign that your gutters are clogged or that you have some serious cracks in your gutter system. It’s best to get your roof looked at by a professional and to get the necessary gutter care for your home.

7. Watermarks

You can also look under your gutters to see if there are any visible watermarks from extensive exposure to water. It’s difficult to spot cracks in your gutters if they’re on the side that is facing the house. Watermarks are the tell-tale sign that you have a crack in the backside of your home’s gutters, and it’s best to explore your options for different types of gutters sooner than later.

Start Shopping for New Gutters Today

Shopping for new gutters might not be as exciting as shopping for a home, but it’s an essential part of home maintenance. You should start exploring your gutter options if you’re noticing mold growth around your home and large pools of water in your yard after storms. It’s also good to check for cracks in your gutters when you perform annual gutter maintenance.

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