Golf has long been a game known for its clothing and style. Players typically look great as they are out there on the green swinging their clubs. Women now account for more than 25 percent of all rounds played in the United States, according to recent studies. That makes women’s golf apparel intensely important not only out on the course but also in the fashion world.

Choosing the right apparel is essential to a great golf game. Shopping at prominent established dealers of women’s golf apparel like Fair Liar helps ensure you have stylish appropriate apparel for the golf course. High-end apparel is more comfortable and lasts longer, so it is an investment in your golf game. You’ll play the best game ever and feel great about the way you look with the right women’s apparel.

Here’s a great shopping guide to women’s apparel for the game of golf.

Know the Dress Code

Before shopping for apparel, it is important to know the dress code where you’ll be golfing most often. Some golf courses are more restrictive than others when it comes to the dress code. Municipal golf courses are typically the most relaxed and private courses tend to have the most restrictive standards. Clothing should not be too revealing, and shorts should be the appropriate length just above the knee. Purchasing the appropriate apparel that meets the most restrictive standards while still being stylish ensures you can play on any golf course without calling ahead to check the dress code.

Women’s Golf Tops

Women have multiple styles and color choices when it comes to their tops. If it isn’t too revealing or dramatic, it will usually make the grade. Ladies can choose from short sleeve shirts with a cropped collar or a sleeveless button-down that is designed not to be tucked in. Turtlenecks and crewnecks are fine and short sleeve polo shirts always make the grade. Even a high-quality shirt without a collar will do the trick if the rest of the outfit is up to par.

Women’s Golf Bottoms

Superior women’s golf apparel includes many options for the bottom half. Ladies can choose between luxury golf pants that fit well without being too loose. Capris are a popular choice and colors tend to be white or khaki. Women’s golf skorts are a very popular option because they are cool and comfortable without being restrictive. Skorts come in multiple fabrics and colors for a stylish flair that gets you noticed on the course. Of course, shorts are also an option when they are the right length. They should reach just above the knees. Anything shorter may be considered inappropriate and longer shorts can look messy.

Purchase Your Women’s Golf Apparel Today

If you’re ready to get out there on the course and enjoy a sunny day on the greens, the appropriate clothing is paramount to a great golf game. Women’s golf clothes offer a lot of stylish and colorful options to make a statement while you enjoy the game. Just be sure to invest in luxury brand apparel that will make you feel as great as it looks. It will last longer and help ensure that you’re compliant with local dress codes. Shop for your women’s golf apparel today and get ready to get out on the greens.

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