As we enter a new year, now is the perfect time to look back over your “honey-do” list and figure out what renovations and changes you need to make to your home. Of the many remodeling trends expected to boom in 2022, specialized outdoor spaces are one of the biggest.

People want new ways to savor nature, and will need access points to those new spaces. That’s where a set of quality exterior sliding doors can come in handy. However, are sliding doors the right choice for your home and environment? Here are the pros and cons that you should keep in mind while you decide.

Pro: A Sliding Door Requires Less Space

The first and most obvious mark in favor of exterior sliding doors is that they require less space than any other configuration. Non-sliding doors have to open to the interior, exterior, or both by at least 90 degrees, if not more. You have to account for this opening space in your design of the rooms on either side of the doors.

By contrast, a sliding door occupies only the space in which it sits. This gives you much more real estate to work with when organizing your rooms and patios. And we could all use more room for our stuff.

Con: Exterior Sliding Doors Require Major Cleaning

Let’s face it: Most exterior door configurations involve glass panes. Exterior sliding doors are no exception. In fact, most common patio door designs put glass elements front and center.

As anyone who owns any device with a screen can attest, glass is an absolute magnet for dust, hair, fingerprints, and all sort of other nasties. Nothing makes your house look dingier than glass that isn’t kept clean. So if you want to have sliding glass doors, you’d best make sure that you have the time commitment or the cleaning tools to keep it sparkling.

Pro: Sliding Doors Welcome Natural Light Inside

Another major pro in favor of exterior sliding doors is that they give you greater access to natural light. Natural light can lift your mood and reduce the number of lamps and other indoor lights you need to turn on during the day. This, in turn, can mean reduced energy bills in the long run.

As an added bonus, natural lighting gives you the most realistic look at your home’s color scheme. This makes it the perfect catalyst for decor color changes in your space. And, to make matters even better, natural light can give your eyes a break from the constant deluge of blue light that assaults them from every screen and lightbulb in most people’s homes.

Con: They May Also Welcome Unwanted Intruders

Unfortunately, because most sliding doors are made of glass, they are not the most secure. A would-be robber would only have to shatter the glass on it to have easy access to your home and all of your valuables. Or, failing that, they could find a way to pry it open along the tracks from the outside.

What’s worse, if you didn’t go to trusted professionals like those at to purchase and/or install your patio door, there could be cracks and gaps in the hole it’s supposed to fit in. These cracks and crevices may not even be noticeable at first. However, when you have a sudden uptick in the number of bugs crawling in your home, or cobwebs appear in the corner of the doors, you will spot them.

Pro: The Best Doors Offer Lovely Views

Another major point in favor of exterior sliding doors is that they can offer lovely views, especially if you’ve dedicated a lot of time and effort to your backyard. The sight of something pretty and green can do wonders to lift your spirits. Plus, you have easy access to the landscaping projects you’ve spent so much time putting together.

You can enjoy the sight of your zen garden or check on the progress of your home-grown vegetable patch. If you have kids playing outside in the pool, you can keep an eye on them through those doors. Plus, through these doors, you can watch the wheel of the seasons turn, with leaves changing color and new life flourishing.

Con: Exterior Sliding Doors Are Vulnerable to Extreme Weather

Sadly, because of this closeness to the outside world, a patio door can be uniquely vulnerable to severe weather patterns. Deal with a lot of snow and ice? You could find your sliding doors frozen in their tracks when you make to go outside. If there are any crevices between your door and the wall, it could let in water during a severe rainstorm.

And, of course, one can’t forget that these doors are made mostly of glass. Should a tree branch come crashing through your sliding doors, you’re going to have a lot of shards and shattered pieces to clean up in the aftermath. Plus, the locks are nowhere near as sturdy as those on standard doors, meaning that they could get damaged by bouts of extreme cold.

Is a Patio Door Right for You? Let’s Review

So, are exterior sliding doors the right choice for your home? Let’s review the facts.

If you enjoy lower energy bills, outside views, and minimal floor space lost to your doors, then they just might be the perfect fit. However, if potential security vulnerabilities, weather sensitivity, and extensive clean-up are not your speed, it might be best to choose a different style of door for your home.

Are you still on the fence about what the best doors for your home should be? If so, then check out our blog for more helpful home improvement guides like this one!

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