The garage door installation market has grown almost two percent in the last five years. It’s important to have properly installed garage doors for your home.

But, you don’t need to worry. We’ve got the information you’re searching for. Let’s go through the top garage door myths you need to know about.

Garage Doors Don’t Need Insulation

You may believe that garage doors don’t need to be insulated to keep your home warm and safe. But, that’s simply not true. If you live in an area that faces cold winters, you definitely need to invest in insulated garage doors so that the cold air doesn’t leak in through the wood.

Garage Doors Are Noisy

You don’t have to suffer through a lot of noise to have a working garage door. A properly maintained garage door will keep its noise to a minimum.

If your garage door starts making a lot of noise, there are lots of signs you can look for to see if you need garage door repairs or even a garage door replacement. Check out your hinges, and see if there are cracks or rust on them that may be preventing them from properly maneuvering.

If your hinges are in good shape but still may be making noise, you can add grease to lubricate them which can cut down on some of the noises.  You should also check all the nuts and bolts keeping your garage hardware secured and look for anything that’s loose or missing.

Garage Doors Are Secure

Some people believe by default that their garage doors are safe from potential burglars. But, if your garage door isn’t properly secured, it can actually make it easier for people to invade your home.

However, there are a lot of options so that the smart homeowner can ensure that no one will be robbing your home through your garage door. If you have windows in your garage, you’ll want to get them frosted to obscure the view of people trying to scout out your place.

You can use smart devices, as you use for your front door, to keep an eye on all comings and goings. Add a motion sensor to pick up on any unusual movements or noises. And, adding floodlights to your motion sensors is also a useful way to keep any potential invaders away.

Garage Doors Are Safe

Unfortunately, not all garage doors are safe. Poorly maintained garage doors or garage doors that are installed improperly can be extremely dangerous for you and your family.

So, when you’re buying a garage door always make sure you’re hiring a well-reviewed company that knows what they’re doing. This is true whether you’re searching for residential garage doors or commercial garage doors.

Watch Out for These Garage Door Myths Today

Now that you know about these garage door myths, you’ll be able to keep your home in tip-top shape.

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