The net worth of Ben Shapiro is as shocking as him. Benjamin Aaron, known as Ben Shapiro, is an American political commentator. Shapiro gained a lot of popularity during his teenage years. Ben attracted the masses when he became America’s youngest seventeen-year-old syndicated columnist. Apart from being a famous author and a commenter, he is a great host too. Ben hosts a live show named The Ben Shapiro show.

Net Worth

Ben Shapiro has a net worth of $25 million. The Daily Wire has played a significant role in his hefty net worth. Much of Ben’s fame has been due to The Daily Wire, as he founded it and is still the editor.

Personal Life

Ben was born in LA, California, on January 15, 1984. From an early age, he showed signs of being a genius. Shapiro even managed to skip the third and ninth grades. By 16, he had graduated high school and was on his way to the University of California.

Ben Shapiro was not just an ordinary 17-year-old kid. While all the other kids were busy with their teen lives, Ben Shapiro was busy working on his next political column. At 17, Shapiro became famous for being the youngest syndicated columnist in America. By age 21, he was already a well-known author of two very famous books. His books were about American politics. Ben Shapiro recognized his passion early on in his life.

In 2008 Ben Shapiro married the love of his life, Mor Shapiro. They were married after a one-year engagement in Israel. Ben’s sister Abigail has had a hand in making this happen by introducing Mor to Ben. After a few years, Ben and Mor Shapiro welcomed their first child, their daughter Leeya Shapiro. The one-year-old had to undergo painful open-heart surgery soon after birth.

If we were to describe Ben Shapiro in a few words, then; a family guy, religious, and a bit shocking at times would have to be it.

Ben Shapiro has dramatically influenced politics in America and the conservative moment.

Major Contributors to Ben Shapiro’s Net Worth


In 2012 Shapiro became the editor at Breitbart news. He had been a long-time contributor there beforehand. He stayed in this role for four years. In 2016 he left Breitbart due to differences in the company’s direction. However, this left him in a position to focus on what would become the most significant contributor to Ben Shapiro net worth, The Daily Wire.

The Daily Wire

He launched The Daily Wire in 2015 with a partner, Jeremy Boreing. Besides founding The Daily Wire, he also acted as editor-in-chief until 2020.

They quickly rose to the top and became one of the largest publishers on Facebook and easily the biggest right-wing publisher by engagement.

The success of The Daily Wire led Shapiro to branch out into other media like podcasting. By 2019 The Ben Shapiro show had become the #2 podcast in the country.

The popularity of his podcast has led to the national radio syndication of his talk show. You can now hear him for three hours daily in over 200 cities, including some top markets.

With The Daily Wire’s success, it is easy to see how it has, directly and indirectly, it become the most significant factor of Ben Shapiro’s net worth.

Public Speaking

Although it may not be his primary source of income, Public speaking has helped Shapiro earn some extra cash. You can visit his online booking page and see that he charges from 100,000$ to 200,000$ per single event. A few jobs a year can add millions to Ben Shapiro’s net worth.

Ben Shapiro Net Worth: It's As Shocking As Him

Books By Ben Shapiro

At 21, Ben was already an author of two books and has since written 11 more. With those numbers, it is pretty evident that book sales have also been a massive role in building Shapiro’s wealth. Although it is hard to pinpoint exactly how much he has earned from his book sales, it is easily in the millions.

The following are books written by Ben Shapiro

  • Brain Washed; How Universities Indoctrinate America’s Youth
  • Porn Generation; How Social Liberalism is Corrupting Our Future
  • A Moral Universe Torn Apart
  • What’s Fair and Other Short Stories
  • Catastrophic Thinking
  • Evil in America
  • Solve Your Own Damn Problems
  • Whining Doesn’t Win
  • D.C’s Dirty Politics
  • The Establishment Is Dead: The Rise and Election of Donald Trump
  • Project President: Bad Hair and Botox on the Road to the White House

Now let us discuss Ben Shapiro’s books which reached helped him reach new levels of popularity:

True Allegiance

True Allegiance is Ben Shapiro’s first-ever book that took a whole new take on fiction. This book is a great find for those who love politics and reading about it with a hint of fiction. While this book focuses on fiction, Ben smoothly incorporates the real issues faced in America and how America’s only hope is Bret Hawthorne.

Porn Generation

One very famous book by Ben Shapiro is Porn Generation; How Social Liberalism is Corrupting Our Future. This book was so influential that people took it well and raised questions in the right direction. This book talks about how wrong and dangerous pornography is and how it corrupts our generation. In this book, Ben also discusses a family perspective. It sheds light on how porn overshadows the idea of having a family. Our generation has a fabricated and wrong perception of sex. Porn ruins the idea of having family values and undermines focusing on preserving such sacred values.

Bullies: How the Left’s Culture of Fear and Intimidation Silences Americans

One great book which gained a lot of popularity is Bullies: How the Left’s Culture of Fear and Intimidation Silences Americans, written by Ben Shapiro. In this book, Ben focuses on a straightforward strategy he claims is implemented by the liberals. This famous strategy is to bully the conservatives and exert power on them by making their lives miserable through it.

If you are against it too, or you can relate and have been bullied too, then this book is a must for you to read. This book has given a tremendous shut-up call to all the bullies who use power and their bullying techniques to overshadow the conservatives and make their lives miserable.

Closing Thoughts On Ben Shapiro Net Worth

Ben Shapiro’s interviews, broadcast, and the show itself show how passionate he is about what he does. He does not treat his job as a job but as more of an interest and something he loves doing. I’m sure his passion for what he does has been a critical factor in his popularity and impressive net worth.

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