As a pet owner, you want to be sure you provide your pet with the best treatment and care. But did you know there are several ways to show it?

While others put more effort into providing them with quality beds and bowls, some do so by pampering them. In some cases, it includes giving them unique clothes and styles.

It can be a fun way to bond with your pet as long as they feel comfortable. The question is, how should you do it? Here are a few celebrity-inspired ideas to help you find the perfect pet style!

Animal Prints

Inspired by fashion icons such as Jennifer Lopez and Cardi B, animal prints have experienced a resurgence in popularity. These wild patterns make a unique but trendy addition to your pet’s wardrobe.

When choosing a print like this for your pet, you want to be sure it fits their appearance. You can also consider incorporating them in different ways, from their collars or leashes to little tees.

The prints themselves are already captivating, so where you add them helps you decide if you want them to be subtle or bold.

Neon Colors

Neon colors were an absolute hit on the red carpet last season. Several celebrities dominated the show in vibrant and eye-catching ensembles. But have you ever considered doing the same with pet styling?

A neon-colored leash or color is one way you can brighten your pet’s everyday look. Moreover, it makes it easier for you to find and identify them in a crowd.

Some may also consider giving their pets a full-on neon outfit. Just be sure your pet feels comfortable wearing them.


Denim, a timeless fashion staple, is not only beloved by humans but also by our adorable pets. While it’s a rather uncommon material for pets, you can find or create your own denim collar and leash.

You can check out a doggie-style pet salon or store if you want to check out unique options. This includes everything from a denim dog jacket to a chic chambray cat collar.

When you figure out where to buy pet clothes, you can even come across more styles and accessories that will bring out your pet’s personality through style!

Matching Trends

One of the most common pet styling methods celebrities put to use is matching their colors or outfits. Coordinated outfits can help elevate you and your pet’s style, even without doing much.

Moreover, it makes it easier to understand that you and your pet come in pairs, especially if you’re at a party or get-together.

If you are considering matching your outfit, remember that it can be done in simple ways. Aside from colors or fabrics, you can do so by wearing similar accessories, like ribbons or jewelry.


Brands like Gucci and Louis Vuitton have long been the go-to choices for celebrities who want to pamper their pets with quality. In fact, many high-end brands offer a selection of luxury products for pets.

Most classy pet styling options also consider using these chic elements like this. It usually goes well with the style due to its sleek and sophisticated designs.

Even so, remember that styling your pet doesn’t have to cost you more than you can afford. But if you have the funds, it’s something worth trying out!


Athleisure isn’t just for humans anymore. Your pets can now join in on the sporty and action-ready look with different accessories. The selection goes from stylish mesh jerseys to trendy athletic shoes and adorable baseball caps.

This is a great way to style your pet when they join you for a jog in the park or want to strut their stuff on a casual outing. At the same time, they usually use the same materials as human sports clothes. So, it will likely feel comfortable to wear even for your pet!

Vintage Trends

Among different pet styling ideas, the vintage trend is one you might find challenging as unique as it is. Just like your accessories, you want to consider timeless pieces that capture the essence of the concept.

A few things you may want to consider include a classic bandana or retro vest. You can also check out in-style pet grooming ideas if you want to change up how your pet looks.

Punk Rock

Taking inspiration from iconic rock stars like Billie Joe Armstrong, you can incorporate punk-style elements into your pet’s style. This includes leather jackets and studded collars that add an edgy and rebellious vibe.

These fashionable accessories not only enhance their style but also showcase their unique personality. However, you want to be sure you pick options that are pet-safe. This way, they feel comfy and don’t end up hurting themselves as they wear each piece.


A bohemian-inspired outfit can effortlessly exude a relaxed and fashionable vibe for your pet. It includes vibrant colors and intricate patterns reminiscent of Vanessa Hudgens and other famous stars at Coachella.

It gives you the freedom to give your pet their own individuality, so get creative with their accessories! You can give them a flowy printed bandana or a beaded collar with bells and feathers.

Formal or Classy

It’s no secret that celebrities adore dressing up their pets for those extra special events. From red-carpet galas to exclusive parties, you’ll come across lots of celebrity pets in formal wear.

It’s one way to give your pet a classy vibe while ensuring they fit the event’s theme. You can also check out a pet styling company if you want to add more detail to their appearance. This way, they can bring out the best out of the outfit.

Elevate Your Pet’s Fashion With the Best Celebrity-Inspired Pet Style

You can get inspiration from celebrity fashion statements when considering pet style. This way, you can ensure it’s trendy and adds a unique touch to your pet’s personality. Just note that you should always prioritize their comfort to find the perfect outfit for them!

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