Did you know that the WHO studies over 300 million clinical cases each year concerning the dangers of a mosquito bite? And while that amount may seem extreme, scientists across the globe have worked hard to create new mosquito variations that cause no harm.

But, the truth is that most people aren’t aware of the advances and efforts world governments perform to control mosquito infestation. This is why so many myths surround the effects of a bad mosquito bite. In today’s post, we’re going to clear up some of the most common misconceptions that exist today.

Myth: Mosquitos Only Bite Certain Blood Types

Perhaps the most common misconception about mosquito bites is that they are only attracted to “sweeter” blood types. The truth is that all types of mosquitos are attracted to certain skin compositions. So, for example, someone who has a skin disease or has a concentration of citric acid will not attract as many mosquitos.

The explains why certain mosquito removal sprays have citric components, as this is something mosquitos hate. But, of course, some studies show that people with “sweeter” blood types get a worse reaction (more redness or itchiness) from a mosquito bite, which is why it seems they get targeted more.

Myth: Most Mosquitos Carry Deadly Diseases

There are thousands of different types of mosquitoes globally, and only a couple of hundreds of them actually bite humans. Moreover, out of those hundred mosquitoes, only a few carry deadly diseases. But, of course, certain countries are prone to have a mosquito nest of diseases-carrying mosquitoes.

But fortunately, the WHO and other health organizations have strived to create vaccines to prevent these diseases. Additionally, mosquito nets and city-wide fumigation has proved powerful in stopping a mosquito infestation. So, don’t stress out too much if you get bit by a mosquito while traveling through Europe or the United States.

Myth: You’ll Only Get a Mosquito Bite in the Early Morning or Late Evening

While it may be true that certain mosquitos are more active during the morning or late evening, but that doesn’t mean that they won’t bite you during the afternoon. In reality, a mosquito will bite you at any time, especially if it’s mosquito season.

Myth: Both Male and Female Bite

While you probably won’t be able to tell the difference between a male or female mosquito, you can tell the difference by what they suck on. For example, most male mosquitoes avoid sucking blood but rather feed off nectar or anything sweet. This means that the female mosquito is the culprit of sucking animal and human blood.

Mosquito Bites Aren’t as Bad as You Think

Hopefully, you have a better comprehension of mosquito bites with the help of this post. But, of course, even though a mosquito bite isn’t as bad as most people believe, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t protect yourself from them. So, be sure to get the necessary vaccines and medication before traveling to mosquito-infested countries.

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