William Murphy created the murphy bed so that he could hide it while in the company of a woman, according to the Smithsonian Museum.

Why did he want to hide his bed from her?

Who knows! But, at least now we have a reliable and convenient way to free up some floor space in our apartments and houses. 

If you’re looking for an affordable murphy bed that fits your living space, there are tons of designs to choose from. In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about the best murphy bed designs.

Keep reading to find the one that’s right for you. 

1. Wall Beds with Desks

Can’t decide whether to make that spare room a bedroom or home office? A murphy bed, desk combo might just be the perfect thing. 

They’re the pinnacle of interior design functionality.

Disappearing desk beds are great for those working from home and need to quickly transition between their workspace and bedroom without putting anything away. Many brands equip their beds with a leveling system that keeps your shelves and desktop level even while pulling out the mattress. 

The small, economy-sized wall desk beds are perfect for studio apartments, kid bedrooms, college dorms, and other small living spaces that need high functionality.

For those that want to upgrade their home office, some brands offer complete office makeovers complete with cabinets, desktops, and shelves. You often will have the option to choose between a queen or king murphy bed with a comfortable mattress, especially if you’re paying top dollar. 

Another great thing about these designs is that your office already matches your bedroom— you don’t even have to think about it. You can customize your murphy bed dimensions, colors, and materials to fit your space and your style with ease. 

If you want to get an idea of what your personally designed murphy home office looks like, some sites like https://www.wallbedsbywilding.com/murphy-beds/ let you completely customize the perfect office through their website. 

2. Murphy Beds with Sofas

The sofa murphy bed is another great option for those in small spaces like tiny living rooms, dorms, and kids’ bedrooms.

Pull-out sofa beds and futons are often very uncomfortable to sleep on and leave you with unbearable back pain in the morning. A sofa murphy bed, on the other hand, will fold down on top of the sofa so you sleep on a soft, comfortable mattress. 

They’re often at least a size queen murphy bed and are offered in larger sizes depending on the brand and your preferences. They come in a variety of colors, depths, and materials, but are most commonly made from wood. 

A good sofa murphy bed is made from all wood, no particle board or plastic. Wood is the most durable product for interior furniture, plus it just looks classy. If you’re looking at a sofa wall bed, take the time to look at the design and materials to make sure it’s reliable, durable, and safe. 

3. Murphy Beds with Cabinets

Murphy beds with cabinets are awesome for those with not a lot of wall space. They’re also great for dens, entertainment rooms, living rooms, and other multipurpose areas. 

Typically speaking, chest beds do not need to be mounted to the wall to support the mattress. Because it doesn’t rely on the wall, they are easily moved during room makeovers. 

They have plenty of surface area on the top to place lamps, pictures, and other homey items. It’s also a great place for guests to put their phones, drinks, and other belongings while sleeping. 

Many are equipped with drawers at the bottom to store pillows, linens, and other objects when not in use. Premium brands will even offer storage options that are accessible while in use. 

4. Bookcase Murphy Beds

If you’re an avid book reader living in a tiny apartment in the city, bookcase murphy beds are an absolute dream come true. They let you store all of your favorite books right by your bed for a quick bedtime story or nighttime reading session. 

A bookcase murphy bed will save you a lot of space in your home. Bookcases and bed frames are very large on their own, but when paired together they take up way less space than you’d think. 

These don’t just save space though, their also quite stylish pieces that can be used to feature artwork, pottery, and other eye-catching trinkets. They often come with multiple crown options and finishes to match the architecture and coloring of the other furniture in your home.

When you’re looking at bookcase beds, read up on the manufactures specifications about the maximum bed size for proper functioning and safety. 

5. Twin Murphy Bunk Beds

Many kids love sleeping on bunk beds, especially at sleepovers. Twin murphy bunk beds are awesome for kids’ spaces and bedrooms where optimal play space is needed at any time of day. 

For the adults out there that like to sleep in bunk beds too, or need it for more practical reasons, some brands offer deeper, longer versions. The adult-sized options are great in fire stations, college dorms, small cabins, and other places. 

The coolest part about murphy bunk beds is how they operate. They’re equipped with a hydraulic lift that makes it easy to take down and put away. Make sure that the brand you go with has a warranty on their pistons, just in case they break or need to be replaced. 

Depending on the brand you’ve got your eyes on, you can customize your murphy bed to include a desk, cabinet, or any of the other amenities we’ve mentioned. Honestly, when it comes to functionality with murphy beds the only limit is your imagination. 

The Best Murphy Bed Designs

As you can see, there are tons of murphy bed designs to choose from. We haven’t even covered half of the available options!

But, at least now you know the 5 best wall bed designs available. Whether you need something for extra comfort, space, or functionality, the perfect one is out there waiting for you. 

For more tips on interior design and styling your bedroom, check out our blog!

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