A motorhome holiday can be an affordable and fulfilling way to spend a week or so. But to get the best from your trip, you’ll want to make sure that you’re adequately prepared. That means making a checklist for your packing, and ensuring that you have everything you could possibly need.


If you’re holidaying in the UK, then you’ll need to prepare for various kinds of weather. Don’t leave anything to chance, even during summertime.

Towels and toiletries

A motorhome that doesn’t have a well-stocked bathroom will not be pleasant to live in – especially if you can’t get hold of replacements. Make sure that you have at least one spare pack of toilet paper, as well as flannels, toothpaste and toothbrushes.

Chemicals and cleaning products

Occasionally, you’ll suffer a spillage in your motorhome. Having access to the appropriate cleaning chemicals will allow you to address the problem quickly. Make sure that you’re ventilating the space appropriately.

Tables and chairs

If you’re going to be dining outside, then you’ll need the requisite furniture. This means a few folding chairs, and a collapsible table.

Kitchen essentials

In order to actually put food and drink on the table, you’ll need a well-stocked kitchen. Don’t just rely on takeaways and ready meals: you’ll end up spending well over the odds. Plenty of tinned foods, and a freezer to keep your batch-cooked meals, can come in handy. And, naturally, you’ll want a steady supply of drinks, too.

Kitchen utensils are also essential. Make sure that you have plates, cutlery, bowls and cookware. If you’re worried about breakages, and you have small children to cater to, then you might think about plastic plates in addition to ceramic ones.


Specialised motorhome insurance can provide you with peace of mind, while keeping your vehicle and valuables secure. Make sure that you’re packing all of the documents that will come in handy, as well as your driver’s license. This will make life easier if you need to make a claim. A paper map should also be on the list in case GPS gives way.

First-aid kit

If you should run into medical trouble, then you’ll want to be able to administer first aid. Pack a small kit and keep it in your motorhome. The chances are good that you’ll need it at some point, even if it’s just to deal with cuts and scrapes. It’s worth making sure you know where the nearest hospital is, just in case you run into trouble.

Electronics and entertainment

A motorhome is a great chance to get away from the electronic devices in your life. Still, you might take a few choice items, like tablet computers and games machines. Board games tend to be a winner in this environment, however.

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