Horses are magnificent creatures, and a lot of people choose to take them on if they are keen equestrians. Whether you like to take part in competitions or just take your horse for a ride in the countryside, having a horse as a pet can be marvelous. However, they are not like most pets, and they will require a lot more work and attention to care for them properly. 

They are also one of the more expensive choices of animals to look after, and one of these additional costs can be finding a stable for them. Not everyone has stables on their property, so it is common for horse owners to use other stables for pasture and board. If you are thinking about moving your horse to a new place or are new to horse ownership and are looking for somewhere to accommodate your horse, here are some tips to help you find a good stable.

  1. The Cost of Board and Services Provided

As mentioned above, horses are expensive animals to look after, so you do need to be mindful of your budget when you are looking at stables for livery. On average, these costs can be between $400 and $500 a month, but they can go into the thousands for stables in more metropolitan areas or when using high-end stables. 

You should also take into consideration what else is on offer, such as a dressage area that you can use, equipment that you can use when training your horse, and so on.

  1. How Close Are They to You?

The location of the stables is just as important as the cost, as you don’t want to have to travel for too long to check on the well-being of your horse and care for them. 

If there is an emergency, you also want to be able to reach the stables as soon as possible, so do make sure to choose one that is a reasonable distance from your home. 

  1. Transporting Your Horse to the Stables

You will also need to consider how you are going to find horse transport to get your horse to their new stables efficiently. 

You may have decided to invest in a horse box to attach to your vehicle if you have the right license depending on the size of it. Alternatively, you can use professional horse transport companies to safely take your horse to their new home.

  1. What Have Other Horse Owners Said?

You might take a tour of the stables and be impressed, but if you have no experience with these particular stables, there could be hidden issues you can’t see. This is why looking at reviews left by horse owners who have used the stables is always wise. 

What previous and current customers have to say can offer you a bit more insight into the quality of life your horse will have at these stables and whether or not the service provided reflects the price.

Final Thoughts

If you are a horse owner who is looking for new stables for their majestic and beloved pet, consider the tips above to help you find the right place for them. Their welfare and comfort are crucial, so be sure to take all of the above into account when deciding the right stables for your animal.

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