If you can say, “I’ve got 99 problems, but plumbing ain’t one,” pat yourself on the back.

Other people can’t say the same. They watch one too many YouTube videos and think they can DIY all sorts of home improvement projects. 

That’s not to say DIY is 100% bad. If you’re great with tools and the project’s relatively simple, go for it. However, some things are best left to the pros, for example, plumbing.

Now, if you need to hire a plumber, you might worry about how much it would cost you. Here, we’ll talk about the average costs to expect when hiring a professional plumber.

How Much Does a Plumber Cost?

Of course, when choosing a plumber, you need to mind your budget. Unfortunately, the best plumbers are expensive because the trade requires a long time to master. They also invest in the best tools to do their job, not to mention paying for insurance and other overhead expenses. 

Most areas also have a shortage of plumbers, so if you need one for emergency repairs, don’t be shocked when a plumber you hire from googling “plumber near me” charges you more than the average costs. 

The range is usually $45 to $200 per hour, but timing and job type can drive up your expenses. Clogged drains, for instance, can be a $125 to $300 job.

Other Factors That Drive up Costs for Plumbing Services

Besides the hourly charge, your plumber might add a trip fee to your bill, which could be anywhere between $50 to $300. Experience will also matter.

An apprentice or journeyman will cost less to hire, but it’s beyond them to fix complicated plumbing problems such as gas line repairs. Master plumbers take care of these issues, as well as new installations. 

You’ll also pay more for emergencies. That’s why it pays to learn some plumbing maintenance tips. Also, if your plumbing issue falls on a weekend, holiday, or after business hours, your plumber could charge you double or triple their usual rates. 

Should You Hire a Plumber Who Charges Cheaply?

The only time you should hire a plumber who doesn’t charge the usual rates is when they’re a close friend or relative. However, it would be best never to force them to give you a discount. It’s only okay if they’re the ones who offered to work cheaply. 

Consider it a red flag if someone offers plumbing services at a low cost. Remember, plumbers spend years and lots of money training and developing their skills. This applies to general plumbers (those who handle repairs and plumbing contractors (those who specialize in remodels and new construction).

Let This Sink In: You Get What You Pay For

When you hire a plumber, don’t forget that you’re also paying for their years of training, overhead, and specialized equipment.

If you find plumbing services too expensive, the solution isn’t to hire a cheap plumber. You can check our other posts for tips and advice on choosing the best plumber in your area, or you can search online to get information on preventing plumbing emergencies. 

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