Gardening may be one hobby that could extend your life. Gardeners get fresh air, sunshine, and provide ample physical activity.

But gardening can seem intimidating for beginners. What are the best gardening tips to begin gardening on the right foot?

If you’re curious about how to garden, here are the top garden ideas to get you started on a beautiful garden.

1. Type of Garden

Before you start buying plants or flowers for your home gardens, you want to decide what type of garden you’re interested in. Many people do a variety of flowers, vegetables, and herbs.

Flower gardens are great for beginners because it helps you get into the habit of planting, watering, weeding, waiting, and so forth. Vegetable and herb gardens take a little more work but starting with easy-to-grow vegetables like cucumbers, lettuce, or carrots gives you some motivation.

2. Location

Place your garden in a spot in your yard where you can see it and you get the appropriate amount of sunshine. Some plants or flowers need different amounts of sun, so be sure to plan well.

If you don’t want to plant directly into your yard consider buying some containers and filling them with plants. You can move the containers to different locations for a change of scenery.

Decorating your garden also brings a nice aesthetic. Strategically placed rocks or gravel give your garden a different feel, or you could even buy stakes for a garden.

3. Check Your Soil

Your location largely depends on the health of your soil. It’s important to check the pH of your soil before planting your garden.

If you find your soil is unhealthy, there are a few things you can do. You can add organic matter like compost to your soil, or you can use a manufacturer-produced product that boosts the health of your soil.

4. Keep A Watering Schedule

Having a watering schedule is key to the health of your garden. To keep you on track with watering, decide when the best time to water your garden is for you. Ideally, you’ll want to water in the morning before the sun gets too high or the weather gets too hot.

Make sure that you give your plants or vegetables the proper amount of water. Some plants can die if they’re overwatered.

5. Start Small

A small garden is the best way to begin gardening. Smaller gardens don’t require as much work and they’ll help you get your toes wet with gardening.

Starting small also gives you a chance to see what plants work well with your soil. Also, if something goes wrong, you will have only lost a small garden instead of a large one. Planting a few plants or flowers in your garden should be enough to get started on a small garden.

Something to Try: Raise Chickens

Once you’re comfortable with your setup and have gotten the hang of maintaining your garden, consider raising some chickens. Keep them separate from your vegetation by setting up chicken and poultry netting. This will also protect your chickens from external harm, such as predatory animals. You can start small with three hens, which can provide you with a dozen fresh eggs per week!

Have A Beautiful Garden With These Gardening Tips

These gardening tips can help you as a beginning gardener. Starting a garden is a great hobby, and having the confidence to do it only keeps you motivated.

Do you need more tips on how to keep your home and garden looking amazing? Visit our Home Life page today for more tips!

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